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Media Planning Has Its Own Language

The AAV Marketing School is a complex which would not pause even for a moment. With its eyes always open, the school is after identifying the needs and filling possible vacuums through education. One of the of activities of AAV Marketing School is to hold educational programs for the staff of dnaunion companies in order to further strengthen the people through equipping them with modern knowledge and planning.

In the month of Bahman 1393 (February 2015) a course was held in eight two-hour sessions at AAV School on the principles and methodology of planning for advertising media at the two elementary and advanced levels. Implementation and presentation of a real project marked the closing part of the course. One of the aforementioned sessions was allocated to project introduction by the client and the other one to the arbitration of the allocated projects.

The participants in this course were colleagues at Magnolia, Eshareh and EMRC companies, i.e. those who are familiar with advertising and research and are active in this field.

The target of this course was familiarization of the participants with advertising media planning, upgrading the media unit and also coordination of other sections with this unit.

The participants in the course were familiarized with the following topics:

 Operation, advantages and disadvantages of the media

 Media methodology and planning process

 Media planning indices and the form of calculation and measurement of a media program effectiveness

 Topics on advertising media monitoring

The course lecturer was Safa Sairafi, the first specialized lecturer of media planning in Iran who said: “I started lecturing in this field in the calendar year 1385 (2006 – 2007) in Special School and later in AAV School. The topics of the lessons were in accordance with IAA planning and were customized on the basis of the needs of our country. The structure of the courses was the same and we only made minor changes taking into account the audience and diversity of the participants.

“In brief, I should say that media planning in this course was focused on traditional media, i.e. television, newspaper and journals. In the end we offered some explanations about outdoor advertising. The importance of media planning, its position in marketing and advertising were among the topics discussed in this course.

“We separated the digital media from this category due to their structural difference. About placed based media there is not detailed initial information available in order to make sound planning. For this reason, we further stressed on traditional media such as television, radio, newspapers and magazines.

“To make it short, I should say the media planning should answer this question as to how the target audience should be accessed in the best possible way and at the lowest cost. The media planning is focused on optimization of the budget and promoting effectiveness; that is to say how this effectiveness and efficiency should be raised and how our budget should be invested in different media.

For more effectiveness and for theoretical issues to become more real for the students, we defined a real project in the presence of a real customer. The students carried out the project in separate teams and finally after an internal arbitration, in the presence of the customer, they offered their own projects and underwent final arbitration.”