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dnaunion: A Friendly Companion

Like when the magical apple fell on Newton’s head and he discovered the Earth’s gravity, in dnaunion group’s animated video a banana falls on the head of the main character of the story and the promotional video starts.

In this story the main character after the banana falls on his head thinks of selling and extending his business and after a while decides to travel to discover a new world. In the dnaunion promotional video a look beyond a promotional advertisement has been hidden and the group of ideologists has tried to convey their message to their audiences through a deeper outlook and make them contemplate. The story of this promotional video is interesting but simple. In order to scrutinize about the story of the video and the reason for its production we interviewed Nasser Pashapour Nikoo, Managing Director of dnaunion:

For what audience and which location has this animated video been prepared and performed?

In the graduation ceremony for students of Sharif University of Technology, the dnaunion Company in addition to having an exhibition stand had also time for screening a short animated video: A short video in which the dnaunion group has tried to offer explanations to the participants about the philosophy of its work.

In this video no reference was made to the services the company offers to customers like what the audiences have repeatedly seen in company films. The atmosphere of graduation ceremony was not as such to speak about or watch a video about the company’s services, its performance, or its achievements. The participants in this ceremony would meet each other 40 years after graduation. Furthermore, the audience in intellectual and mental terms had reached a position that made it possible to screen a video for them with philosophical approach. As a result, screening an animated video with a deep approach could easily attract the audience.

Where did the idea for the animated video originate and why it was made in the form of animation?

The main idea of this video was inspired by the famous “Harvard Business School” story. A story which if you search in the Persian literature, you can find more interesting and deeper examples. In this video a reality which can be viewed with an ironic and may be a painful look, has been narrated. When a story is like this, individuals tend to have an unrealistic and animated look at it so that the irony would reduce the strong existing reality.

What was the feedback of the audience after watching this video?

The animated form of the video was in full coordination with the friendly atmosphere where the audience was present. This same important point resulted in attraction of the attention of the audience. Even the host of the program after its broadcast said that the look of the video was beyond a simple advertisement. It was rather a deep and philosophical look which made the audience dig into it.

Please explain about the design of the promotional slogan “dnaunion will get you there”.

According to the video clip every person’s take from life depends on the level of their look. The deeper the look the more they will gain out of life. Now the dnaunion tells the audience that it is not expected to take them somewhere; rather it will accompany them to the point of their capacity. Therefore, in this slogan the same message is conveyed to the audience and they are told that up to the end of the line they are expected to take, dnaunion will be beside them.

Accompaniment in this slogan means to consult and advise and does not mean being a follower. Everyone after starting a business would try to expand it. Sometimes the expansion of the business would reach a level that would sound boring. Therefore, he would try to take a new course and adopt a new look. In order to find this new look people would quit their entire life and be off. In this new way, the worldview of the people would also change. The worldview which makes people experience new works and not get involved in their previous jobs.

The acquisition of new experience is like traveling and in this journey people will obtain new experiences but there is an important point here: people feel no attachment to the foundations and equipment required for their trip. So, when there is attachment the look of the individual in the trip should become deeper and they should earn better experiences. Therefore, people while passing through the stage of production and reaching prosperity pass through a confusing period. Now, when they reach the stage of prosperity they will leave behind the era of confusion. Now when they reach the stage of prosperity they accomplish stability and tranquility.