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Pecha Kucha: The Art of Coincise Presentations

Sometimes, when some ideas, opinions and words reach the stage of implementation, they will find a value equal to millions of barrels of oil: A value which will never end as is the case with oil and many generations will use it. But the same ideas, views and words are in need of an atmosphere of fertility and presentation: An atmosphere which has been provided by the dnaunion group in the Pecha Kucha program.

It is one of the cafeunion programs which has recently been planned by the dnaunion in order to create an appropriate climate for the presentation of ideas, and untold and different words of its own members.

The second Pecha Kucha program was implemented on 14th Farvardin (April 3) with the start of the activity of the group in the New Year. This program, like the previous ones, was implemented in a warm and sincere atmosphere with the presence of many members of the group. In addition, some of the members of the group presented their ideas through 20 slides each for 20 seconds: Ideas that were in different fields. Members of the group somehow opened a new world full of different points before the eyes of the participants through their slides.

The dnaunion group is determined to implement Pecha Kucha programs regularly each month in the New Year so that members of the group will share ideas with each other.