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dnaunion​ Hosts 1st Human Resource Management Confab at Leading Companies

The first meeting of the series of periodic seminars on human resource management in leading companies was held by the dnaunion group of companies. These functional, professional meetings follow various goals. Abolfazl Zamani, director of human resources at the dnauinon group of companies, said: “Every day in our country many specialized conferences are held in different fields. There are many such seminars in the field of human resources, and different organizations are about to take steps to this end. A common feature of all these conferences is the presence of a large number of people in the event and presentations by one or more specialists. This method of operation does not let interactions occur among people. In addition, in many cases, the person who gives the presentation may talk about a topic that is not the main challenge of the audience at the conference. Therefore, taking into account these challenges, the dnaunion group of companies has decided to organize period specialized meetings on human resource management with the participation of the related managers at various companies and organizations.    



These seminars are held to accomplish the following aims:

 • Reduce the cost of trial & error methods in companies. 

 • Exchange and improvement of experiences in the field of human resource management. 

 • Collaboration in macro domains and human resource management policies in corporations. 

 • Collaboration in micro domains of human resource management (if necessary). 

 • Understanding the existing challenges of human resource management in different industries with the approach to delivering solutions. 

 • Conducting functional training for members based on existing needs and challenges. 

 • Preparation to face all-embracing challenges in the field of human resources.

• Interacting with leading companies in global scale.

Also, to meet these goals, which are in fact the requirements for holding such meetings, there should be approaches to prevent further deviations from the set goals.
In this regard, the following approaches were proposed and adopted at the first meeting:

• Limit the number of members in a way to safeguard the quality and functionality of the sessions.

 • Diversification of the participants from different industries at the meetings. 

 • Ensuring that the applicant companies are experienced and leaders in their profession.

 • Attention to startups along with traditional leading companies. 

 • Rotation in hosting the meetings.

 • Avoiding too much formality and focusing on agility and effective communication.
• Possibility of holding urgent meetings.
In fact, the first meeting basically dealt with goal setting and executive procedures. Furthermore, the executive committee decided the host of the next meeting and its date. Decision was also made concerning the applications received about participation in the next seminars.

subject of the next meeting was decided and decided on the applications received to attend the next meetings.
Concerning the participants in these meetings, Zamani said the following companies had applied to attend: Irancell; MAPNA; Pars Pooyesh; Payesh Namayesh Parham; Oghab Distribution: Bijan Distribution; Parsian; Nilper Holding; Modiran 21; Peykebartar; Energy Keshvar; Afranet; Solico; Siemens; Cooler Iran; Rightel. It should be noted that the meeting was held with the presence of a majority of members.

At the end of the meeting, the participants decided that Bijan Company be the host of the second meeting on human resource management. Topics to be discussed are as follows: Review of the payment system, models, implications and related rules and regulations.

In conclusion, Zamani said the benefits of such meetings will go to all members and the human resources management in the country.”