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dnaunion’s Full-Fledged Support for Startup Ideas in the Marketplace

Startups continue to flourish in the Iranian market: Startups that have shaken the traditional businesses of our country and forced them to contemplate. But one of the best places to create the idea of startups is the weekend startup event in the Faculty of Entrepreneurship at the University of Tehran: A place where this time embraced many ideas in the field of tourism: Ideas that came to the stage of implementation and investment after screening and review. This startup weekend was made up of several sections. One of the sections was speeches by those who were involved with the idea of this important event.
Dr. Nasser Pashapour Nikoo, CEO of dnaunion Group of Companies, an activist in marketing and marketing communication, was one of the speakers. He said the startup weekend idea with the aim of encouraging graduates from different fields towards entrepreneurship was very interesting and should be supported properly. Participants in the event should not consider entrepreneurship to create employment and generate income. Entrepreneurship is like a journey where they get different experiences. Our group is also trying to support these travelers by investing in ideas about their field of activity.

Also, the startup weekend event at the Faculty of Entrepreneurship can be viewed from two important angles. First: job creation and elimination of unemployment in the country; Second: digital evolution and creating an opportunity to launch new businesses. But we all know that to host the startup weekend in our country foreign models, especially American ones were used. This is an approach that would be better if revised because the ecosystem of foreign countries is very different from that of Iran. In our country, we have to use indigenous and functional models. Therefore, it would be more appropriate if the startup events continue based on indigenous patterns.
But as for the reason behind the presence of the dnaunion group as an active player in the field of marketing communications, I must say: “This group, in addition to supporting the event, is trying to encourage people to produce ideas and practice in the field of marketing and advertising. Our goal is to operationalize the ideas created in the field of marketing. This operation will take place through investment or support in a variety of ways. We consider this event the starting point: A point by which to tell young people that we are here and they can begin to focus on marketing and advertising ideas. Keep in mind that the startup activities are commonplace in the area of marketing throughout the world, but our country faces challenges in this regard, and there are currently no startups on this issue. This in turn is due to the lack of interest of marketing activists in cooperating with startups.
Therefore, the advertising and marketing industry will undergo basic transformation as any other industry sooner or later. These changes will start with digital penetration in the industry and they will happen in the next ten years in complete terms. By attending this event and awarding the top teams and by investing on future ideation, we are ready to make the changes better in the future.
It is to be noted that the dnaunion group judges presented prizes to persons with top startup weekend ideas in marketing and advertising of the Faculty of Entrepreneurship as follows:
First team (My Credit): Paying for the costs of promoting ideas up to IRR 50 million
Second Team (Boom Gasht): Paying for the costs of promoting ideas up to IRR 30 million
Third Team (I Leader): Paying for the costs of promoting ideas up to IRR 1.5 million