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dnaunion Outlines Its 2021-22 Outlook

During a series of meetings, held in mid-December, dnaunion managers outlined the group’s 2021-22 fiscal’s outlook and strategy.

Considering the spread of the novel coronavirus and to adhere to social distancing principles the meetings dubbed “Kickoff Meeting”, were partially held online. Furthermore, some teams separately met and participated in development of dnaunion’s outlook for the coming fiscal which starts in March.

CEO of dnaunion Naser Pashapour Niko says, “Despite the hurdles created by Covid-19, the process was carried out flawlessly and smoothly.”

He also noted that, it was the eight year that dnaunion set its goals and strategies for the coming fiscal year three months in advance. The move is hoped to enable all the members of the dnaunion family to align their strategies with the parent company and partner firms. This would also help the group to optimize its performance and increase cooperation between members of the dnaunion family.

Pashapour also explained, “Employees safety and health have always been among our top priorities. To curb the risk of contracting Covid-19, the meetings were held using internet-based communication tools and social distancing protocols were observed.”

“Despite the hurdles, everyone actively participated in the debates and the outcome was outstanding,” he added.

As part of the Kickoff Meeting, dnaunion budget and spending for the coming fiscal was outlined. The meetings helped all members of the group get a detailed view of dnaunion strategy for the coming year. The meetings also provided the members with a roadmap for the coming fiscal. Furthermore, it provided dnaunion senior managers and strategists with a chance to share their opinions and ideas to optimize business in the coming months.