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Fouman Chimie Release Stop Motion Animation Made by Eshareh Ad Agency

Iranian prominent chemicals company Fouman Chimie has released a stop motion animation made by Eshareh Advertising Agency to promote its latest product, Octane Boster.

The animation was made by Eshareh Advertising Agency, a member of the dnaunion family, and was released on social media. The whole campaign was aimed at reaching out to younger generations and increasing brand awareness among them.

Despite being cost intensive and time consuming, production of stop motion animations is among effective marketing tools. However, despite its effectiveness, Iranian brands seldom use stop motion in advertising.

In a talk with dnaunion website, Fouman Chimie marketing director Saman Kavian, project manager at Eshareh Advertising Agency Ali Bakhtar, and Kian Yaghoti animation director at Eshareh Advertising Agency detailed the animation’s production.

Kavian said, “Fouman Chimie is one of the oldest producers of automotive chemical products in Iran. The company was found half a century ago and over the years have been able to cultivate brand awareness and brand loyalty in Iran.”

“Many Iranians when surveyed said that they first heard about Fouman Chimie when they were kids. The company’s long history and quality products have turned Fouman Chimie into a household name in Iran,” he added.

Despite being the leading brand in Iran’s market, and in face of intense completion, Fouman Chimie has never forgotten to invest in advertising and marketing. Furthermore, the company has extensively invested in development of new products to meet the market’s needs. One of the latest products introduced by Fouman Chimie in the Iranian market has been Octane Booster. To increase vehicles efficiency, in addition to engine lubricants, Octane Booster can be used in the cars fuel tank. This would boost the vehicles’ performance.

Kavian says that Octane Booster can increase vehicles’ performance significantly and curb maintenance costs in the long run. “We couldn’t simply rely on traditional communication tools for promoting this new product. That’s why we tapped modern solutions to promote Octane Booster.”

He added, “We are trying to raise awareness about Fouman Chimie products among the younger generations. So as to achieve this goal we tapped modern communication tools. Stop motion animation was a great tool to that end.”

In the stop motion animation, cars are likened to runners. Arguing that runners need proper drinks to break records, the animation says that vehicles also need proper maintenance. And Fouman Chimie is offering a quick fix to this need through its products including Octane Booster.

Kavian says, “The animation made by Eshareh Advertising Agency for Fouman Chimie in addition of being effective is of high artistic quality. This project was one of the best examples of content production I’ve ever seen in Iran.”

Ali Bakhtar says, “Fouman Chimie offers a wide range of products including antifreeze, brake fluid, engine oil and octane booster. The company wanted to promote these products by launching a campaign and using stop motion animation.”

According to him, the analogy used in stop motion animation is very relatable and the message can easily be conveyed to the audience. “Cars are like runners. And just like runners they need proper ‘drinks’ to show their best performance.”

Kian Yaghoti also notes that producing a stop motion is different from making usual TV commercials. Through meetings with Fouman Chimie managers we developed a proper scenario and then started work on the animation. “The outcome of the project is one of the few examples of such high quality stop motion animation being made in Iran for marketing purposes.”