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Eshareh: Flow in the Arteries

Atrial fibrillation is the cause of one third of the brain strokes in the world. Atrial fibrillation is an important disease that can lead to more dangerous diseases. Many people with this condition do not have the right knowledge about it.

This disease is so important that a day has been designated to remember it in the world. In line with its social responsibility, Dr. Abidi Pharmaceutical Company decided to inform the public about atrial fibrillation on this day. To do this, Dr. Abidi Pharmaceutical Company organized an event planned and implemented by Eshareh Advertising Company, an affiliate of the dnaunion group of companies.

Considering that the disease causes blood clotting and ultimately brain stroke, the event’s creativity manager, Mojtaba Rouhani, suggested the slogan “Flow in the Artery” for this occasion which was approved by the project managers and Dr. Abidi pharmaceuticals brand manager.

Elaborating on the event, Sohrab Khaliq, Dr. Abidi Pharmaceuticals Brand Manager, said: “Because of the importance of atrial fibrillation at a global level and the need to keep patients abreast on new developments regarding the disease, a day has been designated to this issue in the world.” To inform the general public about the disease and its complications which can be asymptomatic, Dr. Abidi pharmaceuticals organized an event.

Considering that the audience were the general public and that people should receive useful information about the disease, after conducting some research, the project manager and executive manager, Kamyar Zolfaghari and Me’ad Dehghani, chose Baam-e Tehran as the venue for the ceremony, which was approved by Sohrab Khaliq.


Dr. Abidi pharmaceuticals brand manager said that in the event Dr. Mohammad Hossein Najafi, a cardiologist and angioplasty specialist, elaborated on the necessity and importance of dissemination of information about the disease and the reasons behind its occurrence.



In his speech to the audience, he said the atria contract and pump and transfer blood to ventricle, but if for any reason the atria do not contract simultaneously, an abnormal heart rhythm occurs which is called Atrial fibrillation. Under this condition the patient feels heartbeat.

In continuation, Fariba Kosari (actress) was introduced to the public as the ambassador of atrial fibrillation. Also on the sidelines of the event, a pavilion was set up which measured the blood pressure of the participants.

The event also comprised several other sections, including live music. There were various feedbacks from the media, and participants said they gained useful information about the disease.