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Farmand Launches Two New Brands

In collaboration with 1001 Branding Agency, Farmand Company set about to expand its brands through launching two new production lines for smarties (sugar-coated chocolate) and dragees (chocolate-coated nuts).

Commenting on the collaboration, Reza Kayedi manager of Farmand’s marketing department, said that many steps were taken one after another using 1001 Marketing Agency’s methods. “These included 6 sessions of meetings between managers of both companies, benchmark studies, determining strategic policies for the two new brands as well as their mission and prospects, values, essence, character and target customers. Then we selected the brand names and their logos, typography designs, color palettes and the brands’ taglines. We then went on to design specific graphic elements.”

The new products, added Kayedi, went through blind tests and were given a higher score in taste compared with their domestic and foreign rivals. “This is due to the fact that high-quality raw material and a special formula goes into the production of these brands,” he added.

About the packaging he said that they come in OPP wrappers and new crystal containers.

Farmand’s marketing manager sang the praises of the professional members working at 1001 Branding Agency saying that “they were a part of our team in the real sense of the word and did their ultimate best in creating the brands. All the stages of the project were carried out meticulously.”

Narges Keshavarznia, the project’s manager from 1001 branding also said on the matter that the project began with quantitative and qualitative researches, done in collaboration with dnaunion subsidiary emrc, the participants of which were people from different sexes and age groups.

Keshavarznia said that Farmand has a large target market and given the reasonable prices of its products, children and adults from all economic backgrounds are among its customers.

“Our research showed that these products were reminiscent of childhood, recreation and happiness. We came to the conclusion that the sugar-coated chocolates’ essence is “playful” and its character is “clown and playful”. The essence of chocolate-coated nuts is “lively and innovative” and its character is “magician and innovative”.

Manager of the Innovation Department at 1001 branding Agency Nasim Dana said that for the above reasons the sugar-coated chocolates were named Puppet and the chocolate-coated nuts Regalo (gift in Italian). Their taglines are “Play with the colors” and “There’s a secret inside each piece” respectively.

“After naming the products we thought of what the story should be. To this end, we thought of a carnival. A carnival which echoes Farmand’s slogan ‘As sweet as smiles’. Farmand, like a carnival, sets foot everywhere and spreads joy and happiness.”