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1001 Branding Agency Takes Off

In a move aimed at expanding dnaunion’s role in the advertising market, the branding department of Eshare ad agency has started operating as an independent entity. The new entity has been named “1001 Branding Agency”.

During a ceremony held in Tehran, leading business people and academicians discussed prospects and potentials of 1001 Branding Agency.

Nasser Pashapour Nikoo CEO of dnaunion said, “Developing and expanding services in tandem with customers’ needs have always been high on our agenda.”

He adds, “Over the past few years, Iranian companies’ approach towards branding has changed. Local firms are investing more in branding. I believe it was high time for a branding agency to be launched.”

According to him, Iranian companies had not invested adequately in branding over the years. He names the lack of proper investment as a reason for Iranian companies’ lukewarm success in CIS countries.

The veteran businessman is of the opinion that the establishment of the 1001 Branding Agency would help Iranian firms overhaul their brand image.

One of the other speakers at the event was, Manoochehr Najmi, Associate Professor at Sharif University of Technology.

Najmi discussed how the 1001 Branding Agency can help Iranian companies expand their share in the market. He is of the opinion that the agency can also help its customers attract investment and boost their operations.

Just like Pashapour, Najmi believes that Iranian companies should spend more money on strengthening their brand image.

CEO of the 1001 Branding Agency Babak Kazemi also addressed the gathering. He says, “In addition to catering to the needs of the market, the dnaunion has vastly invested in R&D. The 1001 Branding Agency is one of the fruits of this investment in research and development.”

He also pointed to a rising trend among Iranian companies that are increasingly investing in branding.

According to him, “While adhering to international standards, 1001 Branding Agency will also focus on the needs of the local market and adopt methods which meet customers’ demands.”