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The coronavirus pandemic has taken a harsh toll on Iran fast-food industry. To regain some of its losses and reassure consumers of its products being Covid-free, Iranian fast-food chain Pizza Sib 360 has launched an ad campaign with help from 1001 Branding Agency, a member of the dnaunion family.

The campaign which is dubbed “A Healthy Meal” is designed to convey the message that all health protocols are met in cooking, packaging, and delivery of Pizza Sib 360 foods.

Qashqai, marketing manager at Pizza Sib 360, says, “To curb the impact of the Covid-19, businesses have introduced various measures. Pizza Sib 360 has implemented several safeguards to preserve customers’ health while launching a campaign to reassure them that our products are Covid-free.”

The fast-food chain has overhauled its packaging and delivery service to curb the risk of Covid-19 transmission. Qashqai says, “Our food delivery packages come with a tag indicating that it has been packed with safety protocols in mind.”

As health concerns simmered to a boil, Pizza Sib 360, launched an extensive campaign to further reassure its customers. “People are really cautious these days when picking a restaurant. To convey our message effectively and reassure consumers that their health is our top priority, we enlisted capabilities of 1001 Branding Agency to devise an impactful ad campaign.”

The campaign targeted both groups of Pizza Sib 360 customers: those who dine at Pizza Sib 360 branches, and those ordering food online.

Danglers, wobblers, tags, and banners were installed at all branches of Pizza Sib 360 to convey the message that health protocols are carefully implemented.

Along with carefully preparing the food, Qashqai adds that hand sanitizers are installed at all branches while all health protocols are met.

After the campaign was launched and while recording a surge in sales, Pizza Sib 360 surveyed its customers. The results indicated that the safety protocols implemented along with the high quality of products and the Covid-free delivery of foods have boosted confidence in the brand, leading to a jump in sales. Qashqai notes that proper packaging has played a significant role in securing consumers’ trust.

Pizza Sib 360, with help from 1001 Branding Agency, has launched a social media and online campaign to deliver the message to a wider audience as well. The results are to be surveyed in the coming weeks.

Qashqai notes that Pizza Sib 360’s collaboration with 1001 Branding Agency dates back to days before the pandemic. “Before the pandemic hit Iran, we were working on another ad campaign with 1001 Branding Agency. After the virus started spreading in the country, we decided to change our message to assuage customer concerns and fit the new conditions.”

“In short notice, 1001 Branding Agency devised the campaign and helped us to implement it in time. The agility and adaptability of 1001 Branding Agency were really impressive,” Qashqai says.

He also notes that although facing changing circumstances, 1001 Branding Agency’s agility enabled us to come up with proper solutions. “1001 Branding Agency has also been closely monitoring the results of the campaign providing us with detailed reports.”

Ramina Naghioun, creative director at 1001 Branding Agency, says, “The camping was designed to deliver a key message, ‘All health protocols are implemented to keep customers safe.’ Through below-the-line advertising, we delivered that message and we reinforced it through social media and online campaigns.”

According to her, the campaign aimed to highlight the fact that the customers’ health is the top priority of Pizza Sib 360 while detailing the firm’s efforts to ensure that consumers stay safe.