New Year celebration: gathering for a fresh start


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For My Sake, Take Care of My Flower!

The spring wind breeze had created a pleasant freshness in blossoming flowers in the atmosphere of all the companies of the dnaunion group; flowers that brought with them the promise of a new spring.

The flowers, in addition to bringing the news about the approach of the New Year, were carrying another message. They were messengers of the idea for a new and attractive campaign that members of the happyunion group had planned for all the companies.

The campaign the happyunion had launched for their colleagues themed “take care of my flower as your own”. In this different campaign, every person by receiving a flower pot on which the name of a colleague had been written, would undertake a new responsibility up to the 15th of Ordibehesht (May 5).

The people, after receiving the flowerpots, had to take care of the flowers. The idea of the campaign had created a strange emotion among people in different companies. Every individual, upon receiving the flowerpot, would recommend their colleague and say, “for my sake, please take care of my flower”.

The best time of the campaign was this moment, the time when people recognized the importance and value of the flowers and plants and it was important for them as who and how would take care of their flowerpot.

Taking care of flowers in fact will strengthen the culture of protection and attention among members of the group. In this regard people, in a coordinate manner and by further publication of the campaign, would publish the pictures of flowers for which they have undertaken the responsibility through #take care of my flower as your own. The campaign did not end here as at a designated time the people should deliver the flowerpots to the dnaunion group so that after arbitration they would give the prize to the one who had taken the best care of the flowerpot.