Miran-e Nowruzi*: Cheerful Commanders of dnaunion Territory!


For My Sake, Take Care of My Flower!

New Year celebration: gathering for a fresh start

It is more than a decade that the yearend celebration of the dnaunion group has been turned into an organizational tradition: A convention where people spend a pleasant time like old friends and have fun. Here organizational positions of individuals do not matter anymore.

The year 1395 (2016-2017) was full of achievements and great awards for the group and to celebrate their successes people gathered together in a cordial environment to take a new and deep breath for starting a new and more promising year.

The yearend celebrations 1395, like the previous years, were held with the participation of the majority of the members of companies affiliated to dnaunion group. The event provided the participants with an opportunity to reflect on their brilliant achievements in the year gone. They also had a chance to review and remember their childhood plays. This great celebration had been planned by the happyunion group which had prepared attractive games in order to create a happy atmosphere in the celebration. Dodgeball, small goal soccer, musical chairs, foosball, and … were different other games arranged by the group for the members and people in order to participate in them and have fun. These games caused members of the group to overview their childhood and adulthood memories. Although the games were simple, however they removed the exhaustion of one year of hard work.

In addition to the fun games, reception and serving a delicious lunch the ceremony also witnessed a brief statement by Dr. Nasser Pashapour Nikoo, Managing Director of the dnaunion group.

Addressing his colleagues, he said: “The 1395 yearend celebration was planned in a new way by the happyunion group. In this celebration the group experienced a happy and peaceful atmosphere apart from the daily work concerns. The year 1395 was a year full of successes and great achievements for the dnaunion group and it is hoped that this good trend and positive performance will be continued in 1396.

“Also, 1396 is the year of the rooster by whose crowing comes the dawn which heralds a new beginning: A day which will be full of light and happiness for us in the New Year. I am confident that the dnaunion group will achieve greater successes in the New Year thanks to the hard work of its active members.”

Managing Director of the dnaunion group while referring to the famous quote from Peter Drucker that “business has only two functions: Marketing and innovation”, said: “Now that our group is active in the center of innovation and marketing, it should attach more importance to these two main pillars. Innovation is not a process and is not the responsibility of members of a group; rather every individual member of the organization should have the same feeling that the way is open to their creativity. What makes innovation blossom is stable atmosphere: An environment which should be prioritized by the company managers. When members of an organization feel stability they let themselves to make mistakes the result of which is more creativity. Therefore, in the New Year as in the previous years the staff of the dnaunion group will be given a chance to make mistakes and learn from their mistakes in order to have a creative and dynamic group and company. So let me say that ‘Viva mistake, Viva learning’ is the slogan that will be repeated in the New Year.”

The yearend celebration was held on a pleasant day close to the spring and at the end of the event dnaunion group staff released colorful balloons and promised to double their efforts to achieve their predetermined goals and vision plan.