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Eshareh Ad Agency Helps Nestle Mark Yalda Night in Iran

Nestle Iran enlisted services of Eshareh Advertising Agency to mark Yalda Night or Chelleh Night, an Iranian Northern Hemisphere’s winter solstice festival celebrated on the longest and darkest night of the year.

The campaign named “I’m crazy” was carried out by Eshareh Advertising Agency, a member of the dnaunion family.

In an interview with dnaunion website, Ali Reza Sarabchi discussed the campaign and its goals. Sarabchi is Head of Communications, Marketing Services and Government Relationship and Spokesperson at Nestle Iran.

He says, “Every year, launching a digital campaign Nestle marks the Yalda Night, which is a prominent festival in Iran. Along with the campaign we held an online lottery to encourage people to participate in the festival and enjoy it.”

As part of this year’s campaign a music album named Istgah (“station” in Persian) by Omid Nemati and Mahyar Alizadeh was released. Nima Javan was the album’s publisher.

To further promote the album and make the campaign more engaging a music video was made for the first track of the album with help from the Eshareh Advertising Agency. The song was written by Ahmad Amirkhalili.

Sarabchi says, “Following talks and debates with people at Eshareh Advertising Agency, it was decided to ask Mojtaba Rouhani to write a scenario based on the song. We also picked Mohammad Mehdi Bagheri as the music video’s director. The outcome was superb.”

He adds that the video was warmly welcomed by the public and went viral after it was released on Instagram. Instagram users were encouraged to share the video with their friends and family and participate in an online lottery. Along with copies of the music album signed by the artists, 20 prizes worth 10 million rials were given to the winners of the lottery. 84,000 people commented on Nestle’s post on Instagram about the music video and the lottery.

This is not the first time that Nestle launches such a campaign in Iran. The company marked Iranian new year Nowruz with help from prominent Iranian artist Fardin Khalatbari. A mirror, traditional Golo Morgh (Flower & Bird) Persian miniatures, and an album by Iranian musician Khalatbari, were the elements included in Nestle’s Nowruz gift packages. Nestle came up with the concept and implemented it with help from Eshareh.

Sarabchi believes that companies must invest in arts and back artists as part of their social responsibility programs. He is of the opinion that such campaigns can help arts flourish and boost cultural growth.

Mojtaba Rouhani, Creative manager at Eshareh Advertising Agency, says, “After collaborating with maestro Fardin Khalatbari in the Nowruz campaign, Nestle sponsored a new music album, Istgah for Yalda Night.”

Speaking about the music video, Rouhani says, “We tried to use element in the video that represent passage from darkness to light, from hardship to hope. That is the essence of Yala Night festival.”

“The video and the passage from darkness to light also represent the current hardships that the world is enduring due to the Covid-19. We wanted to remind people that these hardships will pass and we shall overcome,” Rouhani added.

He also notes that the production team faced various hurdles in the way due to the spread of the novel coronavirus. But with support from Nestle and relying on team work the obstacles were overcome.

Song writer Omid Nemati says that companies supporting the arts, like what Nestle did during its Yala campaign, would help arts flourish. Thanking Nestle for its support he added that the campaign helped increase the album’s visibility