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6th dnaunion Budget Formulation Meeting Kicks Off

Four Mind Joins the dnaunion Family

The Best Way to Forecast the Future is to Build It!

The Four Mind Advertising Agency has joined the dnaunion family; reaffirming the positive outlook of the two sides in the country’s marketing and advertising industry. On this occasion, a news conference was held on Wednesday December 21, 2018 in which reporters and representatives of various media outlets were present. The main theme of the event was unity at the time of crisis and corporate synergies under economic crisis conditions.

Economic activists have come up with different ways to survive in the market under current economic conditions. In such circumstances, the dnaunion Group has unveiled its new investments.

The new investments make the dnaunion family bigger and extends its services to broader clients. Unity with like-minded companies at the time of crisis was considered an innovative way to bridge the crisis and manage marketing communications.

Managing Director of the dnaunion Group Nasser Pashapour Nikoo said at the event: “The current economic climate has turned into a crisis for businesses; a crisis that has made ti harder for businesses to operate. Crisis, however, is not always a threat, and many economic giants have emerged from within such crises. In fact, if hardship does not hurt someone, it will make them stronger.

“In such a situation, business owners usually weather crisis using four strategies. Some people are disappointed and are thinking about leaving the market. Some are only thinking about surviving in such circumstances.

“Yet, some fish in troubled waters and the critical situation turns into an opportunity for them. Still, some plan to develop their businesses and unite with other businesses. By uniting at the time of crisis, these businesses cover the weaknesses, consolidate the points of strength, and think about a brilliant future.”


Pashapour Nikoo: ‘Four Mind’ is a very active agency

Pashapour Nikoo added: ‘Four Mind’ is a very active agency. It has adapted to the crises very well and planned a clear development perspective. Yet, it is not possible to achieve this development plan alone.

“Being together is in the best interest of everyone at hard times: this means access to resources for family members, and thus concentration on points of strength.

“Alliance with Four Mind, a company active in marketing communication, at the time of crisis has offered more opportunities for expansion to both parties. Four Mind has been using its expertise in presenting a better image of its clients to their audience. Our program is to focus on developing our own services and offering better services in this area.”

Four Mind has a very strong team. A team that has the power to implement any idea. Having such a team has been one of the reasons for choosing Four Mind as a partner. The group will invest in organization, human resources as well as information and technical resources of Four Mind Company. Helping companies at the time of crisis is possible only through internal unanimity and synergy.

Pashapour added: “The advertising industry has entered the digital era and issues such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality have been highlighted in it.

“The future of the marketing and advertising industry heavily depends on technology. Such issues will transform the face of the advertising industry.

“By uniting at the time of crisis, the dnaunion Group is not merely thinking about passing through the crisis and surviving in the market. The group has a long-term perspective and is trying to grow fast.”


Unity at Times of Crisis, the Only Way to Synergize Startups

Pashapour said resources are scarce at time of crises and the group intends to make optimal use of these meagre resources. The group will unveil a technology-based company in the future; a company that focuses on the concepts of Adtech, Martech and Market Research.

The group will henceforth make investment in startups and prevent human capital flight in this field.  Uniting at the time of crisis is the best way to manage communications. Our goal is to implement the ideas created in the field of marketing.

This implementation will be through investment or support in a variety of ways. Keep in mind that the startups’ activities are prevalent in the area of marketing throughout the world, but our country has faced challenges in this regard, and at present no startups are active in this field.

This, in a way, is due to the lack of interest of activists in the field of marketing to cooperate with startups. Therefore, the advertising and marketing industry will undergo fundamental changes the same as any industry sooner or later.

Managing Director of Four Mind Company Farid Shokrieh was another speaker at the event. He said: “Alliance with other companies and synergy at times of crisis can bring about better results. Of course, designing a win-win solution, in which all companies benefit, is very complicated; an approach that brings about positive outcomes for companies in the long term and for a long time.”

“The synergy between the dnaunion Group and Four Mind is one of the best synergies that has occurred in the advertising industry of the country and will surely bring about brilliant achievements.”


Alliance with Four Mind

Four Mind was looking for a partner who could understand and implement its development plan and vision, help it to be more prepared for future challenges and have a valuable experience in the big business and financial decisions, a partner with vast knowledge in managing various businesses in the field of communication that can empower us to focus on our expertise: providing communication strategies to our customers and creating a positive impact on their brand image, both in the short-term and long-term.

Under current critical conditions, Four Mind has thought of its dreams and the means to achieve them. Alliance and partnership with the dnaunion Group in the current critical conditions is also a way to fulfil this dream.

As before, Four Mind will continue to cooperate with its customers with the same enthusiasm, wider capabilities, more concentration and synergy, and by relying on its core capabilities. Four Mind continues to work with a much stronger support system as an independent company.

Member of the board of directors of the dnaunion Group, Mohammad Mousavi also addressed the audience. He said: “Having a successful team is very important for a business to win in the market. Definitely Four Mind Company’s partnership with the dnaunion Group is an important event that has happened in the advertising industry. To make this happen much daydreaming has been done: aspirations that have the potential of becoming operational. The outcome of this partnership will surely be greater in the coming years.


Expanding Marketing Communication of dnaunion Group

The current economic conditions have caused the presence of international brands to diminish in Iran. Alliance at times of crisis has created a golden opportunity for Iranian brands. Iranian brands can take advantage of the status quo for their growth.

Iranian businesses can create and introduce new brands and gain a good market share. Iranian companies can go across the internal borders and draw a powerful export outlook. Under the current circumstances, Iranian companies should move smartly and based-on planning. We need to support teams and talents. The group will provide the atmosphere for growth for these talents.

The dnaunion Group continues its mission of bringing together the best businesses in the communication industry. The synergy that is far beyond the sum of the capabilities of each single member of the family depends on the alliance with like-minded potential companies in critical conditions.

Creating a “marketing services” ecosystem, “management of marketing communications” and “market research” in order to improve the scientific level, capability and insight into the advertising industry. In general, partnership with the dnaunion family sends this clear message that we have no doubt about the future of the Iranian market. We believe in investing, building, and developing startup businesses.

The event took place at the site of initial meeting of the three-year program of Four Mind Agency. The meeting ended while waiting for holding a series of consecutive meetings to negotiate the prospects for the Four Mind agency and the transition period.

We are looking forward to hearing about new developments regarding management decisions for unity at times of crisis with other startups and preventing the elites from leaving the country.