dnaunion Remembers Mir-e Nowruzi


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Each year, dnaunion takes a different creative measure and in doing so all its efforts are directed towards involving all the staff.

To mark the end of the year celebrations, the Brand Solution Department proposed a plan participated by all the staff of dnaunion companies regardless of the company in which they were working. It was supposed to keep everyone happy and share this feeling with others and create more happiness with regard to their surroundings.

Nowruz (the New Year) was approaching while the smell of freshness and the spring was not felt in many places. Therefore, the dnaunion staff were expected to bring Nowruz to the places it was not expected to reach. They would become the harbinger of happiness for the lips that had remained so tight. They were expected to remove the worries about the New Year from the empty pockets and anguished minds…

Given that dnaunion finds true meaning with teamwork this time too, a group work was expected to be done; several 15-member teams from dnaunion staff who might not have even heard the names of each other during the year, were commissioned to prepare a plan for sharing of happiness and the taste of the New Year to places where Nowruz would not pass through in a period of two weeks and take films of the trend of their efforts with iPhone5. They could share the happiness with human beings, animals and even the nature. For example, by cleaning an area filled with wastes. During these two weeks one day was allocated to planning and proposing ideas and one day to filmmaking and implementation. After the film was made, it was the time for editing and also for the music.

The objective, apart from sharing happiness, was familiarization of the staff with each other, removing the boundaries between companies, and the teamwork. Here the important thing was the teamwork and it was not important to which company you belonged.

Members of the teams, in order to help the needy people and those they had found in the course of the filmmaking, had to either give their own money or if necessary ask for loans up to a certain amount.

On the day the ceremony was held, a group of colleagues and directors judged the films. Even ‘a choice of the audience’ film was selected. In passing judgment great attention was paid to creativity, the amount of happiness in the films, structure breaking and the amount of effectiveness of the films.

• After this event, all would know each other.

• A good work had been done and all were satisfied.

• Needy people had been greatly assisted which was not shown in the films.