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Golden Ambassadors of the Campaign #For My Sake, Take Care of My Flower!

You could clearly see the excitement on the face of the winners. Obviously the passion was not because of the award they were waiting for. They were mostly thrilled due to their feeling of attachment to the flowers. They were winners of the campaign #for my sake, take care of my flower which was recently launched by the happyunion group and finally reached its end. A campaign which was launched in the month of Esfand (Feb-March) and continued up to the month of Mordad (July/Aug). The campaign well illustrated one of the values of the dnaunion group, i.e. teamwork.

Dr. Nasser Pashapour Nikoo, Managing Director of the dnaunion group, speaking in the gathering of the winners about the value of teamwork said: “The teamwork does not mean that people accept hundred per cent of their team members and come along with their weak and strong points. Members of a family none of whom would think of the absence of the other and at the time of difficulty would not leave you alone. Such a family would never let a third person to intervene and would solve their problems together.

“The most important characteristic of teamwork is that people while speaking would sum up everything and would not speak of individuality. The campaign #for my sake take care of my flower was formed exactly based on the teamwork idea. In this campaign, people would give their flower pots which were so dear to them to their friends and colleagues. This move was derived from the trust of the people of the group in each other. Therefore, the endeavor of the winners of the campaign is very valuable, as they had not taken care of a flower. What they did was to trust the members of the group and accomplish a job hand in hand. As a result, the six winners were introduced as the ambassadors of the teamwork in the group. I hope that these ambassadors would convey the main message of the campaign, namely teamwork to the remaining members of the group!”

In continuation, Pashapour Nikoo called on the ambassadors of the teamwork to talk about their feeling at the time of taking care of the flowers. This part of the awards ceremony was more appealing than the remaining program. Because, people would talk about their flowers as though parents had asked them to take care of their children for a few months. One of the winners said: “I would dislocate the flower every day for further lightning and would regularly search in the Internet to find out what fertilizer or what type of soil would enhance their growth. This type of care was so enjoyable for me that it was difficult to leave the flower after the campaign.”

Another winner said: “Prior to participation in this campaign I would not pay much attention to flowers, but when I undertook the responsibility of taking care of a flowerpot, my feeling towards this job was strengthened and I took care of the flowerpot so much that I turned up a winner in the campaign.”

The rest of the winners shared a similar feeling with their friends: A feeling that would remain with them for a long time. Such a feeling helped the campaign to accomplish its main goal.