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Holding Course on Profiling: People Are Closer to You than You Think

“I wish people were not so complicated. I wish at any moment it was possible to read the mind of those standing in front of you. I wish the forehead of the people was a mirror of their mind.”
Perhaps every day each one of us has reviewed one of these sentences in our mind; in the work place and with colleagues we do not know how to deal with; in a lengthy session with an employer we do not know how to convince with our written proposal; at the conclusion of a lucrative deal that may be cancelled because of not knowing the next move of the other party; or even at home where we cannot read the mind of the closest person to us…
And we should know that except by experiencing and trial and error which would entail heavy costs most of the times, through training and scientific understanding of the humans this complicated creature can be recognized to a great extent and treated in proportion with his behavioral and psychological characteristics.

The dnaunion group, in cooperation with AVV School held a Profiling Course with an aim of recognizing different types of characters and teaching how to optimally interact with them. Dr. Mohammad Mousavi, Managing Director of Eshareh Company, was the lecturer of this course.
According to the topics discussed in this course the participants could achieve the following capabilities:

• Typology of different personality groups and expression of their known traits and tendencies

• How to communicate with each of these types

• How to present ideas, reports, proposals, and suggestions to each of these types

• And understanding the importance of how to deal with different personalities

Dr. Mousavi commenting on the course said: “Marketing and advertising is a human related business. In other words, human communication plays an important role in our business. People from different organizations would refer to us and on the basis of their demands would seek solutions; as long as we do not develop a comprehensive and true understanding of them, we cannot give the customer an added value.

“Here is where profiling would enter the scene; it is a key for understanding the people. Profiling through simple categorization would place human beings and their behaviors in several specific classifications; it is a kind of scientific study of the audience for facilitation of the affairs and production of an increased value added.

“This categorization while reducing the volume of possible friction would increase the extent of interaction and efficiency and people would come one step closer to professional behavior. From another perspective, this knowledge is useable for self-understanding and recognizing one’s own behavior and even in everyday and personal life.”