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Women Know More About Aids Than Men

Here, the dnaunion, is filled with kindness

The aroma of Persian foods such as Ashe Reshteh (noodle pottage), Kookoo Sabzi (a mixture of vegetables with eggs), Kashke Bademjan (eggplant with curd) and other mom-cooked foods had filled the air at the dnaunion companies on Saturday, February 16. The smell of the foods was different from all the dishes of the previous days because they were cooked by mothers who had added the seasoning of kindness to their food. Moms who, with the goodwill and hearts filled with kindness involved in preparing lunch for the members of the dnaunion family: A lunch made for a charity market. Charity markets are usually held with different intentions and people engage in charities by buying different foods. But this charity market was different from all the charity markets that have been held. Market foods had been purchased in advance by the companies. Of course, if someone wanted to render more help, he/she could separately donate money to the marketplace. The revenues obtained from this market are expected to be paid for the Diyeh (blood money) of the prisoners. Prisoners who, by paying the Diyeh can spend the New Year eve with their families.

Therefore, the family members of the group participated in a big event with the help of Happyunion: An incident which, in addition to bringing hope to the family of a number of prisoners in detention for the sake of Diyeh, also encouraged members of a larger family.