How Eager Are Iranians to Travel Abroad?


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How Do Teenagers, Young Adults Spend Their Spare Time?

Teenagers and young adults are changing in parallel with changes in the society and technology; changes that many parents have not been able to catch up with distancing them from their children. However, if a strong communication channel exists between parents and children such a distance would never emerge.

This communication channel helps families know their children better. One of the ways to know teenagers and young people is to find out about their interests and how they spend their leisure time. In a survey conducted recently, Emrooz Marketing Research Company (EMRC) has focused on this issue.

This research compared young adults of 15 to 24 years of age in 17 large cities of Iran with people over 24 years in regard to their things and issues of interest and the manner they spend their leisure time.


30% of Teenagers, Youths Visited Exhibitions in Last 12 Months

The research findings indicated that Iranian teens and young people show a lot of interest in gadgets in the first place followed by theater and photography in their leisure time. This age group, however, does not have much interest in cultural, historical, political and economic issues, and only 8% of them mentioned these subject matters among their issues of interest.

Their lack of interest is not limited to the topics mentioned, and visits to exhibitions should also be added to the list. For example, only 30% of this age group have visited exhibitions in the last 12 months. In the meantime, visiting book fairs holds the record with 11% of attendance of this age group.


12% of Adolescents, Young Adults Use Library, Culture Houses

Twelve percent of adolescents and young people in this age group go to libraries and culture houses. This is while based on the norm in the society, about 7% allocate some time to these activities.  Participation in training courses has been 41% higher than others.

They have shown more interest in attending technical and vocational skills courses such as hairdressing, cooking, and computers. Attending art, sports and foreign language learning classes is among other favorite activities of this age group.     


51% of Teenagers, Young Adults Bought Books in the Past Year

Iranian teenagers and young people have also allocated some of their time to reading books. Some 51% of them bought books in the past year and 25% of them read a book other than their textbooks in the last month.

The books purchased by the age group were mostly in educational fields, novels, poetry, and biography. Of course, the age group is ahead of the rest of the community on both topics.

It is also important to point out that the 15-24 year age group is more interested in art and cultural activities. Going to theaters, cinemas and art galleries is among activities that are very popular among them.


Restaurant Enthusiast Teenagers and Youths

Compared to other age groups, Iranian teenagers and young adults go to restaurants and cafes more than others.  While, 27% of them spend time in fast food restaurants and 19% in coffee shops, 15 percent of them go to Delicatessens and Grocerants.

They paid these visits to such places mainly to spend their leisure time. This could be due to less concern for the quality of the time spent. But, on the other hand, this affects their diet and health.


Travel Programs of Teenagers and Young Adults in Iran

Statistics show that 62 percent of teenagers and young people in Iran like traveling. This percentage does not suggest much difference with other age groups. The main difference arises when this age group speaks of the travelling style and procedures.

When their role in decision making and travel planning was being reviewed, they said more than other age groups that they did not play any role in decision makings. Therefore, it can be said that this age group is more subordinate to their families and a considerable percentage of them travels with family.

But, 11 percent of them have said they go on trip with their friends and 7% have the experience of travelling alone. Despite the low percentage of traveling alone or traveling with friends in this group, the percentage is more than the norms of the community, which can indicate their greater presence in the community and their sense of independence. This age group uses the Internet as the first source of information for travel planning.


56% Domestic Travel and 8% Foreign Trips

As this age group goes on their tours with their families, their domestic travel percentages are higher than their journeys abroad.  Some 56% of them have experienced domestic trips and 8% foreign travels. Meanwhile, 27% of this age group have experienced long trips of more than five days, marginally a higher percentage compared to other age groups.


Travelling with Family

Although statistics show high interest of teenagers and young people in adventurous trips in proportion to the norms of the society, an overwhelming percentage of this age group spends most of their time on shopping and being with the family.

Some 29% of the age group surveyed spend their time shopping and another %25 spend their time traveling with family. The mentioned statistics provide a good opportunity to plan for this age group; an age group who would be in charge of the state affairs, and we should be aware of their interests and tastes for the sake of a better planning.