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Iran Businesses Increase Investment in TV Commercials

Iranian businesses increased their investment in TV commercials, during the first two months of the current fiscal year that started in March, the market research arm of dnaunion, the emrc has found out.

Between March 20 and May 20, a total of 121,511 TVCs with total airtime of 3,790,028 seconds were published in Iran.

Market research agency emrc has reviewed TVC aired by IRIB1, IRIB2, IRIB3, IRIB4, IRIB5, IRIB News, iFilm, IRIB Namayesh during the period. According to the finding, the number of ads broadcasted during the period surged by 30% compared to the same period of the last year.

Food and beverages with 64,998 ads had a 53% share of all TV commercials aired during the period in terms of numbers.

In terms of total money spent by Iranian businesses on TVCs based on official tariffs, ads about foods and beverages accounted for 57% of all TVCs. The category had a 43% share in terms of airtime.

During the two months, 190 Iranian brands invested in TV commercials. The top 100 brands with the highest amount of investment in TVCs were closely reviewed for this report. According to the findings, on average each brand sponsored 37 ads with average airtime of 1,142 seconds.

Three brands, namely Telavang, Tabiat, and Alis had the largest share of all the commercials televised during the period. In terms of the number of ads aired in the two month period, Telavang had a 6% share followed by Tabiat with 5%, and Alis 4%.

The leading Iranian conglomerates investing in TVCs during the period were Pakshoo Industrial Group, educational publisher GAJ, Marinasun Cellulose Industry Company, Kourosh Food Industry company, and MasterFoodeh.

Furthermore, during the two month period, several brands increased their investment in TV commercials, including My Beauty Care, Nari, Khoshbakht, Doosi, Doctor IQ, Hotti Noodle, Nerso, Bib Bib, Taj, Brooks Sports, and Zarrin Roya. These companies did not use TVCs for promoting their products during the same period of last year.

Mihan Dairy & Ice Cream has been one of the most active companies in televised advertisements. The company launched several campaigns and a lottery during the two month period. The company sponsored 21 TVCs which were aired during the period. Delpazir and Tabiat also respectively produced 20 and 19 TVCs which were published in the two months.

TVCs produced by Nerso, Iran DH, and Chabok Shoes had the longest airtimes compared to rivals. Their ads were respectively 113, 99, and 79 seconds long. TVCs with the shortest airtime were produced by Iran Insurance Company, Iran Mall, and Zarrin Roya. Their ads were 6 seconds long.