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Magnolia Ad Agency Helps Kibi Launch Online Cooking Class

Magnolia Advertising Agency has helped Kibi dairy brand launch an online platform through which people can learn cooking new recipes with Kibi cheese.

Amid Rashedi, creative director at Magnolia says, “We have been working with Kibi over the past few years. The recent project focused on Kibi’s presence online and on social media platforms.”

A member of the dnaunion family, Magnolia has been running Kibi’s advertising and marketing campaigns over the past few years. Over the course of years, Magnolia has devised various advertising and marketing campaigns for Kibi. “One of the cornerstones of Kibi’s social media presence has been offering simple recipes. The company is really interested in this sort of content and consumers have also always reacted positively to such posts on social media.”

“One day managers at Kibi contacted us saying that they wanted to expand this solution and launch an online platform where people can learn simple recipes with Kibi cheese,” Rashedi continued.

According to him, many Iranians still don’t eat cheese beyond breakfast and they use seldom cheese in cooking. “Kibi is the leading producer of processed cheese in Iran. The company hopes to increase demand for processed cheese in the Iranian market by launching this platform.”

Rashedi say, “The first step in devising a marketing or advertising campaign is answering a simple question, who is the audience? And we already knew the answer. Kibi’s main audience is young modern women. Many of them work, however, they always try to put some time aside for their family. The like cooking and don’t consider it a chore to be done with, but a hobby which they enjoy. Cooking healthy is among their top priorities. They would also like to try new ideas in the kitchen, to be innovative. They believe that a good meal can create joy and happiness. Knowing the audience shaped the campaign; our message and tune where picked based on that knowledge.”

After designing and launching the online cooking platform it was time to promote it via social media. The platform has been dubbed “Cooking with Kibi” and can be accessed on The platform’s tagline is “Creating tasty moments with Kibi.”

In addition to setting up the website, Magnolia Advertising Agency was in charge of developing visual guidelines and proper content for the platform. The website has various categories under which different recipes are listed.

Rashedi says, “While many companies prefer to offer a wide range of products, Kibi is focused on production of cheese, a single category of products. This campaign and online platform was designed to convey a core message: Cheese can be used in different ways, you just need to be creative with it.”

He adds, “One of the core messages of the brand and this website is that cheese is a wholesome product that can be used in different foods to create joyful moments.”

The content posted on the website includes videos, photos and detailed recipes. The videos can be used for getting a general idea of the recipe. The videos are complimented by the accompanying texts which describe in detail every step of the recipe.

Furthermore, famous chefs and influencers participated in the campaign. Each person, in recorded videos, introduced a recipe with one of Kibi products adding a person touch to the website. These videos were also posted on social media to increase the impact of the campaign.

Launching the platform has been among Kibi’s long term strategies. So far the brand’s customers have welcomed the website.