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Tech Event

AAV Innovation Center Supports in-Tech Entrepreneurship Event

The in-Tech entrepreneurship event supported by AAV Innovation Center was held in the first half of the month Ordibehesht (April 21 – May 5). Designers, developers and those interested in entrepreneurship were present in the event. AAV Innovation Center also participated in the event with an aim of discovering and supporting talents and instructors of the center who were present among different teams providing them with guidance. The guidance resulted in the acquaintance of the young teams with the realities of the business field and challenges prevailing in the market.

AAV Innovation Center believes that the future belongs to innovation. Focusing on marketing, advertising and market research, the Center is determined to move towards bringing the next generation beside the brand owners and business leaders and help them enter the world of innovation and new technologies.

Also, the Center by relying on new technologies and young and enthusiastic forces, intends to take effective and sustainable steps on the path of development and transfer of brands and businesses to the next generation. The young forces, for discovering whom, one of the best ways is participation in entrepreneurship events: Events that when supported, the young generation will be encouraged to offer better ideas and become optimistic towards the future.

Mehrnoush Baratpour, in charge of holding the in-Tech entrepreneurship event, commenting on the support of the AAV Innovation Center for the event, said: “The event would not have been held unless without the support of its sponsors. Also, the talented and passionate youth of our beloved country would have no hope in the future in the absence of the support and guidance of the business pioneers and owners.

The presence of AAV Innovation Center and its support for the event in the form of presenting tickets to the UI/UX programmers and designers interested in participating in the program, reflecting the Center’s attention to identification of powerful forces and their employment in various projects. Also, instructors from the Center in the process of implementing the ideas were beside the participants in order to put their experiences at their disposal and help them to fulfill their ideas.”

It should be noted that women maintained an active presence in in-Tech entrepreneurship event and accounted for more than 60% of the participants. The presence had been planned in advance and the main focus of the event was on encouraging women and girls of our country to entrepreneurship and activities in the field of start-ups: A field where well-known women are present some of whom attended the event and shared their experiences with the participants.

On the sidelines of this event, prominent figures in the field of entrepreneurship and start-ups delivered speeches and attended specialized panels with an aim of surveying challenges of presence of women in the business sector and discussed various issues such as the current concerns of women in the field of business, gender discrimination, problems concerning presence of female managers and entrepreneurs in the business sector of the country and so on. This part of the event was carried out interactively and the participants also talked about different experiences and perspectives about the main subject matter.

The in-Tech entrepreneurship event wrapped up after three days of work and the announcement of the top ideas.