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What Makes a Good Ad Agency?

The million-dollar question in the advertisement industry is what makes a good ad agency. Both industry insiders and costumers have sought a response to this question. In this piece we will review the DNA of successful ad agencies and describe the values they bring to the table in the form of skills, knowledge, contribution to revenue-generation, and connections. At the dnaunion we strive to adhere to all standards listed below.


Employees are building blocks of every business and every individual matter in each firm’s overall performance. During an interview with one of the dnaunion customers, the company’s CEO told us, “Before signing contracts with ad agencies I always ask to meet with people that will directly work on the project. Those individuals will determine whether the project will succeed or fail.”

To be successful ad agencies need to recruit creative, responsible, and passionate people—regardless of what position they are hiring for.

Furthermore, effective business communication skills are essential for delivering the desired results. Communication skills of team members and company employees play a pivotal role in the ad agencies’ overall performance.

***Going the Extra Mile

Good ad agencies are always prepared to go the extra mile. They are not passive in dealing with costumers. They do not simply carry out delegated tasks. Good ad agencies seek to find ways to ensure costumers’ sustainable growth.

The first priority of good ad agencies is understanding the costumer’s needs and devising proper strategies for addressing them. Such agencies always prioritize costumers’ needs. They have deep knowledge of the customer and its audience (end-users).

Furthermore, good ad agencies do not feel the need to offer discounts to attract customers. They attract customers by offering quality services and ensuring costumers’ long-term growth.

***Problem Solvers

Good ad agencies are problem solvers. They establish a deep understanding of the customer and its problems to devise practical feasible solutions. To do so both customer and the ad agency need to invest in getting to the core of problems impeding business growth. By developing a thorough understanding of the situation, good ad agencies that are equipped with business know-how would be able to come up with proper solutions.

In addition to getting to know its customers, ad agencies need to get to know the end-user of services. Effective advertising solutions are tailored to the audience.

After gathering the aforementioned data, equipped with cutting edge technologies and business knowhow, good ad agencies would be able to come up with effective solutions. They are also capable of carrying out the solution.

Good ad agencies are also result-oriented. They closely monitor the outcome of each campaign and report its results factually and measurably.


Good ad agencies are data-driven. Some agencies disregard statistics. Disregarding such data is like walking in pitch darkness while you can light a candle. Such unscrupulous practices endanger customers.

Cultivating accurate data, analyzing it, and devising a proper strategy based on them would ensure long-term sustainable growth both for customers and agencies.

***Practical Solutions

Some ad agencies come up with creative solutions that would charm customers. However, when it is time for implementing the solution they fail to deliver results. Good ad agencies devise solutions that they can implement.

A wide range of solutions and mediums are at agencies’ disposal. Good ad agencies are capable of picking the right method and deploying it in the right way. Furthermore, the campaigns they initially pitch to customers do not differ from the final outcome. They do not promise what they cannot deliver.

Furthermore, the digital revolution and the widespread application of social media platforms have overhauled the advertising industry. These days, ad agencies need to be agile. They need to devise digital campaigns and launch them in short notice.

***Effective Communication With Costumers

Good ad agencies establish effective and agile communication channels with costumers. Effective communications between the agencies and customers facilitate procedures and boost outcomes.

The advertisement industry is a 24/7 business. Good agencies are always available. They constantly update their costumers about projects and their outcomes. They are always a step ahead of their customers and provide them with information the customer will need even before they ask for it.

Good ad agencies also play an active role when dealing with customers. They do not wait until customers ask for services but they also pitch customers with effective and creative solutions.

***Sticking Points

Good ad agencies prioritize what is good for the customers. When there is a conflict of interest customers would be at the losing end of the agreement. Furthermore, good ad agencies do not accept business rivals from similar sector as customers.

Agencies that accept business rivals as customers usually have developed a portfolio of premade solutions for each sector. These premade solutions never deliver brilliant results and fall short of customers’ expectations. Such practices would eventually mar the ad agency’s record and tarnish its reputation.

Good ad agencies are transparent with their customers. Their services are never free but they are clear about what they are offering and what they get in return.

***Customers’ Side

Customers need to pick an ad agency they can trust and effectively communicate with. Through trust and communication, both sides can learn from each other and contribute to the effective development of projects and their implementation.

Furthermore, businesses can profit from establishing long-term partnerships with a single ad agency. Through the long-term partnership, the two sides get to know the needs and prospects of each other. Such collaborations can ensure sustainable growth and profitability for both sides.