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Magnolia: A Year of Elevation


Nestle Waters Iranian Co., Nowrouz 1398 Campaign - Eshareh

Magnolia Gift

Target Button Turned on with Magnolia New Year Gift

By pressing the button of Nowrouz (New Year) gift of the Magnolia Advertising Agency, pre-determined targets will be reminded: Targets for realization of which people should employ creative mechanisms: Mechanisms which need tools and the Magnolia Nowrouz gift is one of these important tools.

We have interviewed the creativity and execution team of the Nowrouz gift of the Magnolia Advertising Agency in order to learn more about the initiative of the company.

Commenting on the strategy and purpose of the Nowrouz gift, the creativity and execution team said: “As an annual tradition the idea of the Nowrouz gift was put on the agenda of the creativity team of the Magnolia Agency. According to the briefing of the work, an idea should be created in line with the Agency’s updated communication strategy and with regard to the executive considerations. The Magnolia Agency’s Nowrouz gift should have been attractive, creative, memorable, in line with the brand’s strategy and values, and in compliance with the daily conditions of the society: Conditions in which progress requires further hope and effort; therefore, the duty of Magnolia as a creative agency was to create this message through the path of creativity that led to the design and creation of our Nowrouz gift.”

Further elaborating, the creativity and execution team added: “The most important feature that inspired Magnolia’s Nowrouz gift and message was “the pivotal solution”. Creativity in Magnolia is considered valuable when it addresses the need of the brand and Magnolia, by relying on the experience and background as well as a roadmap which has been drawn for the future, should provide the smartest solutions in a creative way for the most complicated communication challenges in the shortest possible time, and in fact, create a progress which is beyond expectation.”

Therefore, what Magnolia will be its creator could be, in a way, similar to an astounding ascent, like launching a shuttle to the galaxy; this ambitious ascent will surely require a firm decision, focus on the target, timely action, and ultimately a “button” as a starting point. With this mental path, the idea and message of congratulations of Magnolia took shape.

The creative and execution team further remarked on the content of the card which accompanied the Nowrouz gift and said: “The text hacked on the gift card said: ‘The judge has a hammer for giving order to the session, the referee has a whistle to announce a fault, the Indian has smoke to give a message, the driver has horn to open the way, Amu  Nowrouz has the ball to give tidings.”

You also have a button to succeed, which reminds you of your targets and prepares you for flying. Now, what do you need for flying?”

The text tries to say: “Everyone has an instrument for implementing their most important task, and this year, given the current situation, perhaps the most important task we have striving and further focusing not to fall in the trap of disappointment and idleness; this button is your tool in order to help you remember your most important goals this year.”