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No Hands at Work!

In our country two types of non-traditional breads are produced and are divided into two factory and industrial packaging. The Cenan brand can be considered the first or the only producer of industrial bread in the country: A brand with which many Iranian customers have become acquainted and somehow it can be said that it is the fixed item on the table of many customers. This brand recently decided to express its competitive advantages through advertising. The advertising has been done by the Eshareh Image Communication Company from the dnaunion group.

The advantages of this brand specify that Cenan produces all its products with advanced devices and without interference of hands. Therefore, from the time of the preparation of the dough until formation of the bread and its baking no hands are at work and all the stages in Cenan factory are mechanized. Moreover, Cenan products are enriched and backed with indirect heat. Such advantages have led to the formation of a concept with the theme “no hands at work”.

According to this concept, a character was designed: A pasty character which was afraid of the touch of contaminated hands. In this concept, the pasty character refers to a psychologist to find a solution to its problem. The pasty character tells the psychologist about its dreams: Dreams about being baked into delicious bread without the interference of any hand. In the process of demonstrating this dream in the advertisement indirectly the Cenan factory and the process of baking bread is shown to the audience. Finally, the psychologist tells the pasty character that its dreams are realized and it takes place in the Cenan industrial bread factory. This trend of storytelling has been turned into different advertisements which have been shown through the media, including television, peripheral media, print, video and teasers for the audience.

Nami Babaei, the Marketing Manager of Cenan speaking about the target of the recent advertising campaign of this brand said: “Cenan is the first bread factory in Iran which uses European machinery with modern technology without interference of the hands. The work is unique in Iran. This brand has recently launched an advertisement campaign with an aim of branding, familiarizing the people with the process of production and attracting the customers who pay attention to their health.”

Speaking about the audience group of the recent campaign about Cenan he said: “The direct audience group of Cenan according to the research conducted are the age group of 25 to 50 years who are equally distributed in terms of gender; of course bread due to the importance of its nature is used by all he strata and in different age groups.”

The Marketing Director of Cenan referred to the feedbacks of the advertising campaign of the brands and said: “Still it is too early to answer this question; the only thing I can say is that professional works and heartfelt beliefs will be effective without any doubt.”

As for the advantages of the Cenan bread brand, Babaei said: “Apart from the production machinery which I mentioned, Cenan uses the best natural raw materials for production. Cenan is the producer of bread only and refrains from producing harmful cookies with high profit. This issue also returns to our heartfelt belief, a belief in which we think of the health of the customers. The golden toast, the barley bread, the bran toast, the Rogen bread, the seven cereal toast, the walnut and raisin bread, the full brand bread, the bran Taftoon and our other products which are produced for any taste and need have so far been supplied to the market sincerely.”