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A New Approach to Marketing and Advertisement World

Everything began when dnaunion asked Sharif University to hold a one-and-a-half year course to train its senior directors with the focus on marketing and its affiliated specialties, namely marketing communication and market research. Thus an Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) course was held with the cooperation of AAV School and Sharif University. The goal was to promote scientific knowledge of the company directors in this field.

The course had twelve major lessons.

EMBA course details:

• An exclusive training program with twelve topics and with special emphasis on marketing

• Taking advantage of the country’s most experienced professors in the field of marketing and management

• Applying international and domestic case studies of the day

• Access to practical and professional experiences of dnaunion group

• Pragmatist approach: Teaching theoretical concepts with an emphasis on their practical application

• Pragmatist approach: Teaching theoretical concepts with an emphasis on their practical application

• Compatibility of the course schedule with the time limit of the directors

• Cooperation of the professor with the students – through educational assistant – throughout the course

After conclusion of the course, the dnaunion decided to hold a magnificent graduation ceremony because this educational cooperation was an important achievement and a bridge between industry (represented by dnaunion) and one of the most creditable universities of the country. The entire graduation program was a joint product of dnaunion and the AAV School.

Shahram Seif Hashemi, Editor-in-Chief of MBA News Website was in charge of the closing ceremony of the course held at Sharif University in the presence of Faculty of Economics and Management officials.

At the ceremony, Dr. Arasti outlined the course in details and stressed the need for a relationship between the industry and the university. He also underlined the importance of free applied courses.

Before the ceremony the students were asked to illustrate the marketing world in Iran in the next 20 years in a slide. The show of the slide greatly influenced the audience. The course participants resembled the world of marketing in Iran in the next 20 years to a train on board of which was Iran’s economy, the digital world, the world of the intelligent people, etc.

In the continuation of the program, Nasser Pashapour Nikoo, Managing Director of dnaunion Group, pointed out the importance of the course and communication channels between the industry and the university.

At the end of the program the course participants received plaques of honor and the professors were gifted with medallions. Also, a film of the pictures of the course was shown for the participants in the ceremony.

The last but not the least: The prospect of AAV School at the end of this course is cooperation with Sharif University in carrying out student projects, implementation of joint projects, further communication between marketing industry and professors and students of this field, benefiting from experienced professors in formulation of the training course, etc.