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dnaunion appreciates the unsparing support of the families

dnaunion started the calendar month of Ordibehesht 1395 (second month of spring) with a special event. In the afternoon of the first day of this lovely month of spring, the group hosted special guests with whom it had established closer ties last year. Last year members of the group came up with an idea: “Thanking our families”.

The idea was welcomed the Managing Director of dnaunion which prompted him to write a letter in his own handwriting to the families of all members of the group;

Let’s see the letter to the family of Sahar Makki (one of the members of Eshareh Company) as an example:

I am sending you this letter on behalf of Eshareh Company and the entire group of dnaunion.

This is to thank you for your unsparing support.

It is thanks to your support that “Sahar” is cooperating with us with full energy and motivation.

Nasser Pashapour Nikoo

After writing these handwritten messages on the New Year greeting cards, the dnaunion group decided to survey the feedback of its measure and to this end arranged a session of ‘focus group.’ The purpose of this focus group was to study the type of relationship of a company with the families of human resources. In order to hold the session it was decided to invite family members of different companies of the group. Therefore, for the first meeting, the dnaunion, hosted these beloved ones:

Parents of Mehrnaz Mir Mohammad from EMRC Company

Spouse of Dr. Riahi from Behshad Company

Father of Rasa Karari from EMRC Company

Husband of Sahar Makki from Eshareh Company

Mother of Shima Rahimi from DMN Company

Father of Parvaneh Safari from EMRC Company

Mother of Yassaman Moshfeqi from Eshareh Company

In this very sincere gathering first the guests were thanked for their participation and then were asked to comment on receiving the card which was a pretext for establishing deeper relationship with the highly influential elements:

– It was very interesting for me. This card is like a treasure for me.

– It was strange, in an era when no attention is being paid to the staff members you took a measure beyond imagination and valued families of your workforce.

– I had a very good feeling; I have never seen such a thing before. Before, when I was working, we would all receive the greeting cards of the managing director.

– With this move you told us: “We remember you”.

– You showed that you keep an eye on us. We know how much you support. Thank you for your support.

– It was a surprise for me. It is very worthwhile.

– Your appreciation card and your invitation, was a reaffirmation to the fact that your work is genuine.

– You showed that you understand concerns of the families that you thank them.

– It was like a subcutaneous explosion for me. How great is everything; a good feeling can be given to the parents as simple as this.

We asked them about their supportive role in directing the dnaunion human resources:

– Where importance is being attached to my kid, I would also encourage him and have empathy for him to carry on.

– We, that is to say I and my kid are together; I have shared my experience and am always with my kid.

Then we asked them to tell us about the process of better communication and mutual interaction:

– I am interested in arrangement of regular and frequent meetings.

– You have started a great job – a superb movement which needs perpetuation.

– If my kid is seen in your group, it will give me more impetus for closer relationship.

– If our kids are happy, we will be happy too with energy for more interaction.

At the end we asked the honorable audience if they had experienced such an approach before?

– When I was working, I had a personal experience but not for my family.

– For the staff yes, but not for the relatives.

At the end of this emotional meeting, Managing Director of dnaunion group, Mr. Nasser Pashapour Nikoo, joined the gathering and while becoming familiar with each family, cited some important points:

– First of all I would like to sincerely thank you for your behind-the-scene support and the energy you give to the human resources of the group.

– We, in this large group, are fully cognizant of the value of human resources and try to create more energy for these future building youths.

– I hope for further communication with you in order to generate a better feeling in the human resources of the dnaunion.

And this way the first session of a series of relevant meetings with the families of the members of this large communicative group ended which would be continued through sound and regular planning.

And thus a different focus group meeting was held in a spring afternoon at the building of dnaunion and the participating families and those in charge of holding the gathering in dnaunion had plenty of joy and excitement.