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The dnaunion Celebrates Iranian Artists and Art

Over the past few years, in line with the longstanding policy of dnaunion of supporting Iranian artists, the company has employed renowned artists and designers for various projects.

To mark the new Iranian calendar year, dnaunion commissioned a collection of paintings by renowned artist Siamak Pourjabbar. The pieces are to be use by the dnaunion family on various occasions.

The main aim of the project was developing sustainable relations with artists, expanding collaborations, offering support to graphic designers, photographers, painters, motion graphic designers and artists.

The commissioned pieces are representations of the artists’ aspirations and ideas. The company did not impose any limits on the creative process.

CEO of the dnaunion Nasser Pashapour Nikoo says, “Creativity and innovation are among the key elements that we constantly deal with in the field of marketing. To mark various occasions we decided to embark on a new effort which entailed collaborating with artists. In addition to marking these occasions, the effort was designed to celebrate Iranian graphic designers, photographers, painters, motion graphic designers and artists.”

As part of this effort, the dnaunion has taped renowned artists along with up-and-coming stars of Iran art scene.

Pashapour is of the opinion that by investing on arts and engaging artists companies would be able to vastly contribute to promotion of arts in Iran.

“Furthermore, employing renowned artists would help firms deliver their message in a more elegant way, while supporting arts in Iran,” the veteran businessman added.

He says, “Businesses can also send original copies of these works of art as gifts to their customers and partners.”

Pashapour also highlighted the importance of engaging local artists and said that firms can play a significant role in cultural development of nations.

Marjan Vafaeian, Mehdi Mirbagheri, Kambiz Derambakhsh, and Siamak Pourjabbar are among the artists that the dnaunion family has worked with over the years.

Pourjabbar says, “Every year, the dnaunion family collaborates with an independent Iranian artist to design a collection for the year. Naturally the collections come in various styles. I’ve been elected to work on the collection for the Iranian calendar year of 1400 (the 2021-22 fiscal)). Prior to this collection, I have had collaborated with dnaunion on various projects, therefore I was familiar with this project’s format and goals.”

He believes that it would be a great help for Iran artist community if other businesses follow the example of the dnaunion and expand their collaborations with artists.

According to Pourjabbar, one of the perks of collaborating with the dnaunion on this project was the level of creative freedom he had been provided with. “No limits were imposed on the creative process. I was briefed by the dnaunion team about the project and its goals and that was it. I was left alone to be creative.”

He continued by saying, “Such projects can help expand the ties between artists and businesses. Furthermore, businesses can start using original works of arts in their communications with their customers and partners.”