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Dairy Products Market in the Past Year

An analysis of the Iranian dairy industry in the past Persian year (1396) shows that milk continues to account for the biggest share of the market. The figure represents a 36 percent share for milk among the rest of the dairy products. According to Emrooz Market Research Company (EMRC) other products of the industry like cheese, yoghurt, dough and cream, respectively, come next after milk. It said the ranking in the Iranian market has not changed and is certainly different from the markets in the neighboring countries.

The sales volume for 1396 (2017-18) was not the same for various months with charts showing fluctuating trends. For example, charts show that milk consumption dropped by several percent in hot months of the year as was the case in the previous years. But last year, unlike milk, cheese was the second best-selling dairy product, following a similar trend in the months of the year, with little fall in its sales. These modest changes are observed in other products like cream.

In the meantime, some of the events of the calendar year 1396 were the same occurred in the previous years. With the arrival of hot months of the year, consumers pay more attention to dough and yoghurt products.


Cheese Market in the Past Year

The report goes on to focus on the sale of cheese, the second best-selling dairy product in the country. These days, cheese products in different types are supplied to the market providing the customers with more choices. The choice of customers indicates that white cheese has the biggest fans with a sales share of 55.5 percent. Of course, last year the first place went to ‘Labaneh’ cheese. In the same market, processed, cream, lactic, local, flavor, and lighvan cheese also accounted for a percentage of the share. In the field of cooking cheese, pizza cheese, slices, and natural types are also seen. In general, fluctuations in the sales of cheese are also interesting. In the concluding month of the year (Feb. – March) the share of white and Labaneh cheese in the market recorded a decrease.

Best Selling Cheese Products Last Year

Kaleh, Pegah, Sabah, Damdaran, Mihan, Roozaneh, Rhamk, Choopan, Haraz and Razavi are respectively the top 10 cheese brands in the country. Among the top 10 cheese brands, Kaleh has the highest sales in Amol white cheese and toasty cooking cheese. This accounts for a share of %70 in white cheese and %14 in toasty cheese. According to the report, competition in this part of the market is intense and the brands are moving shoulder to shoulder: A move that, if taken based on accurate statistics and data, will have a worthwhile achievement for the brands.