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Walk into the Palace of Your Dreams with a More Brilliant Mind

Once upon a time, there was a woman who would take cleanness with herself wherever she would go. She shined like a diamond… No, this time we are not listening to a story, rather we ourselves experience it; it is enough to experience it once and then having a clear and brilliant mind is not unattainable. With CIF we can live in a clean palace of brilliant thoughts.

The staff at Magnolia launched a joint campaign in the virtual and open spaces for the CIF brand. Reading their experience in this regard is interesting:

The Project Manager, Roya Tabibi, describes the campaign in the following words: “The CIF band became known among the public with its stove cleaner and the clients were fully familiar with this brand. But, perhaps the only problem which existed was that the tying up of the brand name with its stove cleaner overshadowed its other capabilities.

“CIF wanted to have an interactive campaign in the digital space at a time when the interactive marketing activities had not become so familiar among products in the presence of women. Ladies would basically get less involved in such activities and this had made our work difficult.

“During numerous sessions and abundant research we conducted we placed ourselves in the position of the audience and realized that the audience regardless of consuming or not consuming the product is familiar with CIF. In this campaign we decided to launch a peripheral activity in order to engage and attract the audience and then in the second phase involve the audience in the story of CIF.

“In today’s world there are numerous problems of depression and tension. What could be attractive to the audience and originating from our focal groups was the psychological test. The female audience is interested in these tests and wants to bring about changes in her life through understanding herself.

“We decided that the brand spend a three-month period with the audience and remain by her side, make the audience happy and brighten her inner diamond; that is to say the same thing that the product accomplished in the people’s homes and cleaned their homes this time the brand would do for the audience.

“We started the project and launched a site for it. We uploaded the psychological test on the website and simultaneously with Tehran started a series of peripheral activities in five other provinces. For Tehran large palaces were built and placed in the crowded shopping centers. Ladies in dreamy gowns of angles would refer to the people and would give them catalogs on one side of which was the DISC psychological test (short copy) and on the other side the correct form of using the product and would call on the people to respond to the tests.

“Those who received the catalogs could give their answers either online, or in the magazines or through the same catalogs and send the final answer through SMS. At the end a draw was held and five people won a trip to Turkey. We had a good feedback and about thirty-five thousand women and of course a number of men (the number of women was unprecedented) responded to the questions.”

After the testing and for nearly a month every day we used to text short messages to the respondents, in conformity with their personality, which were provided through consultations with a prominent psychologist (Dr. Zabihi), in order to make life happier for them; positive messages five days a week. We sent about 480,000 text messages to the people. At the end we held a magnificent event with the presence of the psychologist and the people in which the doctor talked about ways for a better life and a positive outlook for the people and the winners.”

Arash Afshin says: “The aim of this campaign was not to sell. However, product vendors in the hyper markets close to the palaces spoke of an increase in their sales. CIF can clean the entire surface of the house and when you have a clean house you will have a peaceful mind.”

It should be noted that the idea of CIF was totally domestic and was not part of an international campaign. The presence of palaces was highly effective in attracting women. Of course, we made the palaces only in Tehran and in other cities we used a key image of the campaign in the view behind stand. Building the palaces and transporting them to other cities was not justifiable in terms of the costs. Finally, by employing different media and the field activity in four points in Tehran and five large cities, six magazines and 14 websites associated with the audience, gave coverage to the campaign which was beyond expectation.”