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Kalleh Dairy Company has recently implemented promotional campaigns for introducing some of its products. The management and supervision over the campaign has been undertaken by the DMN-A Brand Experience Agency. We have interviewed Omid Hassani, in charge of implementation of the project from the DMN Company.

Q: Could you please elaborate on the initial brief delivered to DMN by Kalleh?

Kalleh Company known as a production brand in the market, referred to the DMN Company for the implementation of its promotional activities. The initial brand that was received from this group focused on this issue that Kalleh in terms of quality and diversity of products enjoys a good and well-established position in the market and is trying to interact directly with the target audiences through promotional activities and provide the required information about products and their features.

Q: What aim does Kalleh Company follow in this sampling?

Kalleh intends to have more maneuverability over its good and best-selling products through holding promotional sampling campaign, with an aim of bringing such products to the basket of more households. Kalleh also intends to provide information about its products and thereby persuade the consumers to use the products so that after the stage of attraction and gaining satisfactory experience the goods in consideration will enter into the basket of the consumers.

Q: Would you please describe the ideation process of the sampling in question?

The Kalleh project is a promotional sampling which is being run in several shopping centers and the idea behind promotional sampling is providing information about products and their specifications and thus encouraging the consumers to purchase the commodity by considering the discounts for each item, and in this case integration of offering services in all the locations is of prime importance. Also, training the promoters and dissemination of news in social media is among the cases which should be done professionally with specialization in order to receive positive feedback from implementation of the project.

Q: Would you please explain the implementation process of the sampling in question?

The management and supervision of the project is undertaken by the DMN Company and the implementation process of the project is such that the promoters and samplers in the two morning and afternoon shifts will attend a number of shopping centers in Tehran and with regard to the trainings they have received from the executive team of the DMN at the start of the project, and promote the product and give information about its specifications.

Q: Would you please describe the feedbacks and the opinion of the client about the activity in consideration?

The client company is satisfied with the process of implementation of the promotional sampling for its products and has offered a positive feedback from the outcome of the project and the way it has been executed and managed.