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Eshareh Ad Agency Devise Creative Ad for Caspian Glue

Aiming to raise customer awareness, Daqiq Chimie Co. launched an ad campaign for Caspian Glue with help of the Eshareh advertising agency, a member of the dnaunion family.

Farzam Qamisi, marketing manager at Daqiq Chimie, says, “The campaign revolved around a TV commercial. Creative solutions put forward by the Eshareh advertising agency helped us highlight the quality of our products. The TV commercial has proved to be an efficient way of building customer awareness.”

The ad campaign was designed to highlight the competitive edge of the brand and its products. “High quality, consistent quality, a wide range of products, and availability are some of the perks of Daqiq Chimie products,” Qamisi said.

The ad campaign’s results are to be reviewed in the coming months.

Ali Bakhtar, project manager at Eshareh advertising agency, says, “Daqiq Chimie is one of the key subsidiaries of Fouman Chimie. The brand launched an out-of-home advertising campaign last year, highlighting the high quality of its products. To further build customer awareness, the company decided to embark on a new advertising campaign.”

Mojtaba Rouhani, creative manager at Eshareh advertising agency, says, “Caspian Glue’s main audience group was surveyed and the TV commercial was designed to strike a chord with the group.”