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New dnaunion Subsidiary ADONE Takes Off

Business insiders and marketing experts converged in Tehran on Feb. 5 for a ceremony during which dnaunion officially introduced its new subsidiary ADONE.

The new subsidiary’s establishment has been in line with the dnaunion’s agenda of expanding its range of services. ADONE will offer specialized advertising media planning services.

During the ceremony, Nasser Pashapour Nikoo, dnaunion CEO said, “This is a major step for the dnaunion. We have always aspired to be a game-changer in the market. Introducing ADONE as an independent agency is in line with that aspiration.”

“Safe insightful investment. That’s what we are offering to ADONE customers. By offering specialized media planning services, ADONE would help customers wisely invest in media advertising,” he added.

He explained, “While spending money on media advertisements, Iranian companies face various problems. The worst issue that they are dealing with is that they can’t gauge the outcome of their investment. There’s no direct indicator of their performance. ADONE will change this.”

During the ceremony, Pashapour also named dnaunion products which are to be utilized by ADONE to offer quality services to customers.

Over the past decade, the dnaunion has rolled out various products. Some of them are, Ad*x introduced in 2004, TGi introduced in 2005, X*Trim in 2016, MA*X in 2017, and ΩHM which was introduced jointly with Hiperad in 2019.

According to Pashapour, the group is set to introduce three new products in 2020, namely INFLUMETTER, Ad*Vantage, and Hiperad. “These products will focus on online advertisement. The future is digital. And we are going to be prepared,” he added.

The veteran businessman concluded his speech by highlighting the dnaunion’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, saying, “Parastoo Rostami has been appointed as ADONE CEO.”

Rostami also addressed the gathering. She said, “ADONE has grown through years by cultivating and gathering experience. Our team has a bright record of offering high-quality services in the field of advertising media planning.”

According to her ADONE aspires to be a smart, agile, and efficient agency. “We are the first company in Iran offering specialized advertising media planning services.”

She also noted that ADONE provides its customers with a clear picture of the results they should expect before launching an advertising campaign. “We will monitor the results constantly and will brief customers simultaneously. This would give the customer a clear picture of where they are headed.”

Rostami also noted that ADONE solutions are tech-based. “By gathering data and analyzing them we enable our customers to make effective decisions.”

The company’s services would not be limited to digital media outlets. “We also offer services to companies which have launched advertising campaigns through print media outlets or national TV and radio networks,” Rostami said.

Considering the economic hardships Iranian businesses are facing, ADONE has also drawn up solutions to help its customers curb costs of launching advertising campaigns.