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Ceremony to Unveil Two New Samsung Products

Sometimes introduction of a product or an event can overshadow the product or event itself and make one remember it for a long time, like holding the Oscar ceremony which can be more attractive than the films or help one watch the movies with more enjoyment and excitement; Or the ceremony to unveil two leading new products by Samsung which was exciting and joyful as much as seeing Samsung innovation and unprecedented in its kind.

Outlining the executive process of the project, Naghmeh Felour Zabihi, Innovation Manager of Eshareh Company says: “Samsung intended to hold a ceremony for introducing two new mobile phones Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ in Tehran with the presence of sales representatives and leading clients simultaneously with the global unveiling of the two products. The purpose of holding this event was to introduce two new products in an effective and specific manner.

For holding the ceremony, the Samsung Company held a pitch and finally Eshareh Agency due to its different and innovative proposal which was in line with innovative objectives of Samsung won the bid. We started by proposing a path of innovation with an aim of demonstrating the glory of Samsung to the audience, especially the sales representatives. As I said at the beginning, the ceremony was being held throughout the world and thus the idea was beyond all the activities that had been conducted outside Iran.

Based on the incoming briefing and focus of the brand spirit of Samsung on innovation and facilitation of people’s life, the idea of “innovation” was selected as the main idea for holding the ceremony. As for the venue Milad Tower (as the modern symbol of Tehran) was selected to host two events: news coverage and unveiling ceremony. The objective was to demonstrate the concept of “innovation” in an effective way in all the factors relevant to the ceremony (from space branding, invitation card, gifts, performance of the ceremony, etc.)

To this end, a QR code was designed in the invitation card which upon scanning would direct the invitees to the site of the ceremony and would give them the news countdown about an unprecedented event. For the VIP guests the name of the participant had been printed in the invitation cards.

In addition, for the space branding of the ceremony an Innovation Road had been designed by using a number of architecture structures over which one of the innovations of Samsung in different years had been written. On the other hand, the interior of the conference hall and cases relevant to reception and welcoming were designed by strong and specific branding.

Unveiling of the two new special mobile phones was carried out by the Samsung team. In the continuation live music was performed by Dang musical group. For having more influence, an online competition related to the specifications of these two new mobile phones as well as Samsung innovations which had been shown in the Innovation Road was designed for the concluding part of the ceremony as a result of which five of the participants won the new Samsung mobile phones.

Kamyar Zolfaqari, the Project Manager of the event says: “The different point of the ceremony in comparison with other unveiling events in Iran and other countries is the planning on the basis of a strategy. That is to say we implemented all the stages of the work on the basis of innovation.

An experience zone with different parts and an area of 300 square meters had been designed which provided for direct experience of Samsung innovations along with innovative games.

For example, designing a dark room for taking selfies and experiencing the extraordinary quality of the new mobile phones at night, presence of a caricaturist for drawing caricatures of the audience with the Galaxy Note 5 smart pen as well as designing speed and skill games for experiencing a different work with the new Galaxy Note 5 pen were among measures taken for more feedback and stress on innovation of Samsung in the area of innovative games.

At the end of the ceremony, gifts were given to all the participants.

Those involved in the project:

Project Manager: Kamyar Zolfaqari

Creative Manager: Naghmeh Felour Zabihi

Idea Processing/Generating Team: Naghmeh Felour Zabihi, Koroush Zolfaqari,

Keysan Fakhar, Aida Nayebian

Executive Project Manager: Nina Joshaqani

Customer Care Service Colleagues: Pouneh Farhadi, Reza Bakhshandeh

Designing and Implementation of Architectural Structures: Kourosh Zolfaqari

Live Program Director: Amir Massoud Hosseini

Live Performance Film Editor: Hamid Khoda Rahimi

Audio-Visual Coordinators: Nima Naeini, Hamid Khoda Rahimi

Digital Art Director: Nima Naeini

Ceremony Film Director: Arman Khasheie

Graphic Designer: Aida Nayebian

Design Department Colleagues: Elnaz Behravesh, Sepideh Samavati, Azadeh Monfared, Nazgol Mahdavian

Website and Competition Designer: Patrick Qojamanian

Scriptwriter: Shokofeh Arvin

Informatics Teammates: Mohsen Neshati, Omid Ahmadi

Illustrator: Nima Jamali

Photographer: Heyman Tehrani

Production Teammates: Ramesh Khatib, Ramin Akhavan, Abbas Heydari, Mohammad Reza Nobakhti

Program Performance: Pooya Ghaznavi, Setareh Alirezaeifar and DMN colleagues