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Persil, Symbol of Cleanliness

How much do we know a product which is in contact with our clothing and our skin? How much do we use it correctly? What are our selection criteria? How intimate are we with the detergent brands? And finally how much do we know Persil? And how familiar are we with the steps a brand takes in order to present itself?

Shamim Hosseini from the Customers Department of DMN Company, commenting on the Persil gift packages campaign and its target says: “After Persil’s Ramadan campaign and receiving a positive feedback from presence of Persil among the people, we decided to hold another campaign in companies with large staff and the best women hairdressers in Tehran.

“In this new campaign, two white Hiace cars branded with Persil logo drive trained men and women in Persil brand costumes to the hairdressers and companies and thus the presence of Persil in all corners of the city is quite sensible.”

Saeed Shabani who is the operating chief officer speaks of the executive shape of the project and says: “The promoters hand out a 150gr white pack Persil bearing Persil logo and decorated with ribbon directly to the customer and thereby the product is further introduced to the consumer.

“By using the white color in vehicles and gift packages we tried to leave an impression on consumers to the effect that Persil as another German product is a symbol of cleanliness.

“We have so far been able to collect a comprehensive database of Persil audience and consumers and by holding Fuchs Group sessions we intend to bring Persil closer to its final target.”