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Song of Life and Work, Out of the Heart of Collaboration and Empathy

New Year gifts are pleasant, each has its own taste, but some sing their own songs, like the New Year gifts that were presented to the staff of a corporate company with innovative ideas affiliated to dnaunion Group.

This year, too, ‘Eshareh’ Company surprised its employees by its creativity, and made the sweet taste of New Year gifts sweeter: A film of conformity of colleagues in ‘Eshareh’, indicative of their collaboration and empathy, a music box made of few simple instruments that, when in coordination, produce the song you wish to hear.

We asked Naghmeh Felor-Zabihi, the company’s Director of Creative Unit and member of Ideation Team, to tell us the story of harmony and the music box:

“As all the work in different departments of ‘Eshareh’ Company is carried out in group, and no job ends without favorable team work, we decided to give something as New Year gifts to the employees that are products of their collaboration but in an indirect way, exactly like musical notes that produce delightful sounds when they are set next to each other. That was where the idea sparked. Subsequently our Ideation Team thought of musical instruments, but not professional ones; rather basic instruments that could be played by anyone without musical knowledge. Thus, we chose three percussion instruments of tambourine (timbre), castanet, and maraca. Also, we decided that our colleagues play the instruments without being informed of the idea, because we liked them to be surprised.

“The scenario was written and it was decided that a piece of music be played live with very basic equipment that are available in every office, such as keyboards, glues, scissors, rulers, pin cushions, hole punches, and so on. They were used together with several musical instruments. We practiced several weeks. The sounds were recorded and mixed and finally filming and editing were done.

“The most important part of the film was the joy in the teamwork that all colleagues participated in every stage of it, from the pre-production and playing strange instruments to the final shot, so that the day of filming became a memorable event for every one of them.”

About the stages that the idea became operational and the gifts were prepared, Ms. Zabihi says:

“For packaging, the designing team had in mind to design a simple but beautiful box. Thus, cardboard boxes were used on which distinctive and attractive illustrations were drawn. I should say here that making such boxes was really difficult because they had complex format and binding, but the final product turned out to be very attractive. We also put a card in each box with a brief explanation on why music boxes have been chosen. On the cards, we printed wishes for everyone that our world would take the color of song and music, that in this year, the world would dance to our music, and that the zest of life would be full of music, that love is music and that human being is music.

“As the creative director of the project put it, the gift for every individual employee was very interesting and exciting because the sound of timbre could be heard when the boxes were slightly shaken, making the employees more excited to unpack their gift boxes that were filled with the sound of joy and happiness.”

Creators of the New Year gift in Eshareh Company:

Innovative Director: Naghmeh Felor-Zabihi

Ideation Team: Naghmeh Felor-Zabihi, Siamak Pour-Jabbar, Kissan Fakhaar, Yousef Ghorbani, Aida Nayeban

Project Manager: Yasaman Moshfeghi

Graphic Designer: Aida Nayeban

Image Maker: Nima Jamali

Scriptwriter: Shadab Dadgar, Shokoufeh Arvin

Photography: Heyman Tehrani

Manager of Production and Traffic: Ramesh Khatib

Technical and Printing Supervisor: Abbas Heydari

Printing and Production Advisor: Ramin Akhavan

Studio Executive Director: Nima Naeini

Eshareh Conformity Film Director: Amir Masoud Hosseini

And thanks to all colleagues who starred in Eshareh Conformity Film.