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Entrepreneurship Faculty, dnaunion Expand Cooperation

Joint collaboration between the dnaunion group and the Faculty of Entrepreneurship of Tehran University is expanding. By the same token, the group has offered an idea for the attraction of capital for the new building of the Faculty of Entrepreneurship. The idea was attained in the course of two days of meetings in the presence of different people.

Jamshid Alamouti, the advisor of the dnaunion group, speaking on the formation of stages of the idea said: “People from different sections of the dnaunion group got together in order to examine the challenges facing the Faculty of Entrepreneurship for attracting investment and offered them a useful solution. In this regard, the challenges were raised by the Faculty of Entrepreneurship and the group started to examine and comprehend them accurately. To meet the challenges discussed, many ideas were presented; ideas which were screened and were ultimately turned into a presentable idea. Keep in mind that the idea in question will be presented for challenges that have been processed by different people of the group. It has repeatedly happened that the customer or the consumer has raised a challenge that after much scrutiny has let to discover the roots cause of more important cases. The root cause discovery will be definitely shared with the customer who will be provided with an opportunity to consider other dimensions of the problem.”

As for the presence of the customer in the stages of the idea conception, Alamouti says: “The customer can both accompany the team during the various stages of the formation of the idea and get informed about it. His/her presence beside the team will help accurate formation and presentation of better ideas. Because, this way the customer will better follow the process and the group will save time in receiving approval from the customer. Also, presence of the customer beside the ideation team will render help better operationalize the ideas. The relationship between the customer and the advertising agency is based on sincere contribution. In fact, advertising agencies play the role of the facilitator of the challenges of the customer.”

Alamouti added: “Generation of creativity requires no special tools and devices and all the people from different parts of an agency can participate in the formation of a creative idea. But, there are ways that their application would facilitate generation of a creative idea. Keep in mind that time is short for reaching bright ideas, therefore in order to choose the right people for this purpose much care should be exercised. Sharing ideas by the people would certainly lead to ideal results.”

Talking about formation of ideas for the Faculty of Entrepreneurship, Alamouti said: The dnaunion group did not suffice to presenting an idea to the Faculty of Entrepreneurship; rather it has offered proposals for implementation the result of which will be announced in future.”