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EMRC Cooperation with Amir Kabir Industrial Faculty

Emrooz Marketing Research Company (EMRC) held a workshop for the MBA students of the Faculty of Industrial Management at Amir Kabir University of Technology to brief them on the latest knowledge applied in the field of market research. EMRC members at the TGI Toolkit described the Target Group Index in Iran and its achievements for brand and business owners.

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During the workshop, Dr. Ehsan Soltanifar, a lecturer at the University of Tehran and Amir Kabir University of Technology, told the students: “One of the problems in our country is lack of access to reliable data on the Iranian market: Data that if the companies intend to prepare themselves, they need to spend a lot of time and money. But this data is essential for market research, and researchers and businesses must be able to access them at low costs.”


Achievements of TGI Workshop

After the TGI TGI workshop, the students realized that there is a reliable secondary database in our country, which can be used to make a profound study of the Iranian market. In the workshop held by EMRC, many of the concepts that the students study abstractly in their textbooks became more tangible. At the end of the TGI workshop, the students were familiarized with the operationalization techniques of market research concepts and understood many of the concepts of market segmentation, brand equity, and more.

By organizing workshops such as the TGI toolkit, the nature of classrooms will change, and dull atmosphere will become a space for problem solving. Industry-active people, attending classrooms and presenting their own experiences, can institutionalize problem-solving thinking on the minds of the students. Also, the students can benefit from these experiences and learn the capability to implement concepts.

Soltanifar added, “Workshops like the TGI toolkit are also useful for instructors. If industry people attend the class, the instructors would move away from abstract concepts and would try to adapt themselves to the industry and the concerns it has. By doing so, the gap between university and industry will be gradually narrower.

EMRC’s collaboration with Amir Kabir Faculty of Industrial Management at the TGI Toolkit workshop has been a great success. Concerning the student feedback about the workshop, Soltanifar said: “There was good feedback from the students on the workshop. Most of them requested to use EMRC data in their research projects. I hope that in the near future EMRC, as one of the largest market research companies in the country, will have closer cooperation with Amir Kabir University of Technology and Tehran University. The university will also welcome the presence of the company and will try to benefit from its cooperation.

 Undoubtedly, the use of academic space and its potentials in market research and consumer behavior analysis is a two-way interaction for the EMRC and academic centers of the country.