Magnificent Event Commemorates Seventy Years of Dr. Abidi’s Services


New Year celebration: gathering for a fresh start

Miran-e Nowruzi*: Cheerful Commanders of dnaunion Territory!

On the day invitations were extended for participation in the yearend celebrations which took place with the sound of trumpet by the happyunion group, the dnaunion group companies were brought under the domination of Miran-e Nowruzi (New Year rulers).

The rulers who took charge of the sovereignty of the dnaunion territory for four hours and with their attractive orders made the residents of their ruling territory happy. Mir-Nowruzi is the symbol of ancient Iran. At that time, hours to the spring, a normal individual would be appointed to rule the city for a short period of time and would give orders. Members of the dnaunion group from the early days of Esfand (February/March) hoped that they would be chosen and become the ruler. In addition, they looked for ideas for the yearend. They curiously asked each other about ideas and this turned into an important topic of discussions and filled their leisure time.

With the arrival of the happyunion members the problem was solved and cries of joy and laughter could be heard among members of the group. The idea made easy was this: The dnaunion group this year has made numerous achievements and wants to turn the next year (designated as the year of the rooster) into an opportunity for further success and a new beginning. The group was asked to be present in the yearend ceremonies and enjoy it. In this year’s festivities, members of the group are not expected to do group work like the year before and are just to enjoy the occasion and be happy.

The happyunion group this year, as before, is to visit all the companies with musical instruments and invite their members for participation in the yearend feastivities. The group with baskets of red and white roses upon arrival at each company would choose the Nowruz ruler and thus bring more excitement to the event. After the ceremony, all the rulers start working and apply their different ideas.

The ruler of Eshareh Advertising Agency ordered his people to stop working as of 3:00 p.m. and participate in ‘handy dandy’ game. Members of the Eshareh Agency were divided into three-member groups and the first to third teams received gifts from the treasury of the company.

The ruler would severely punish those who worked at that time. The ruler of Emrooz Marketing Research Company (EMRC) chose a different method and told the members to sit behind whatever desk they wished to and enjoy it. The members took advantage of the opportunity and a person sat behind the managing director’s desk and ordered the purchase of delicious edibles for the members of the company. Of course, in the meantime one of the managers took the opportunity and occupied the place of a serviceman. Then members of the company went out for lunch and it was decided that for a period of two hours they engage in their favorite job.

The ruler of DMN -A Brand Experience Agency called on the people of his city to take part in pantomime and enjoy it. He later invited them out to a restaurant for lunch and at the end allowed them to leave the office sooner.

At Magnolia Advertising Agency, the managing director gave his position to Mir-e Nowruzi and in this displacement attractive events took place. Members of the company looked with surprise when passing in front of the managing director’s room. Members of the company also left office earlier than the scheduled time. But, as far as the ruler of the parent company dnaunion was concerned he had arranged a variety of orders. For the beginning he asked the people of his realm to choose their favorite lunch and until the arrival of the lunch he ordered those who had good voice to sing a song and make the others happy. He also asked the person in charge of administrative affairs of the company to serve guests of the managing director instead of the service staff. This ruler like other rulers let the residents of his city to leave their work place earlier.

With all these description, all members of the dnaunion group spent a happy time preparing for the yearend ceremonies.

*[MIR-E NOWRUZI (lit. “The prince of the New Year festivities”) or Padešāh-e nowruz (lit. “The king of the New Year festivities”), the carnivalesque ritual of electing a commoner to rule for a period of one to five days over the country; it belongs to the traditional Nowruz festival].