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A Review of Mechanisms of Best Idea Offers by MAPS, dnaunion

Many good ideas have been thrown out by investors: Ideas that have been left behind and buried in the minds of their promoters. But why such ideas skip the attention of investors? The answer to these questions goes back to how people offer their ideas. This is an important issue. The importance of the MBA course at the University of Tehran's Faculty of Medicine, where instructors and faculty members were present, led to a meeting under the theme of “A Review of Mechanisms of Best Idea Offers” to investors. This practical session was held under the management of Naser Pashapour Nikoo, Managing Director of the Dnaunion Group, and Fereydoun Korangi, Managing Director of (MAPS). "A Review of Mechanisms of Best Idea Offers" session was held for MBA participants who had business ideas but faced various challenges in their presentation.


In the meantime, some participants were afraid of offering their ideas out of concern they might be stolen by others. The session discussed various topics such as:

1.    How to offer ideas

2.    The angles investors consider ideas

3.    How could people turn their dreams into investors’ dreams

4.    How could individuals have long-term perspectives about investors and avoid mere material outlooks

5.    How to choose investors and not limit the scope to material contributions (Sometimes the choice of bad investor could lead to diversion and elimination of the idea)

6.    What financial information should be given to investors concurrent with idea offering

7.    How should be the timing of idea offering to investors?

8.    How could ideas that have been implemented be represented in a different way and what points should be considered for clarity of the ideas?


At the meeting, people were told that they should sometimes have the power to convince investors in thirty seconds. Also, in order to operationalize the content presented at the meeting, those who had ideas were asked to present them. They presented their ideas in one minute and others were asked to judge them.

After these people offered their ideas, the audience posed challenges concerning ambiguity in understanding the idea. In response to these challenges, Pashapour and Korangi, the managers of the meeting offered some explanations. In addition, welcoming the meeting was so great that the participants requested holding of a workshop on the subject. It should be noted explanations were also offered on operational mechanisms of the dnaunion group and MAPS.