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ourunion: A Program for Solidarity and Further Acquaintance

In the large organizations familiarity of the newcomers with the establishment and its values is of high importance. The significance of this issue prompted offices of the dnaunion group to carry out a program under the name of 'ourunion.'

The newcomers of the establishment with an aim of becoming further acquainted with the organization and their colleagues, held a gathering on May 28. The session which was the fifth to introduce the newcomers to the dnaunion establishment, was registered with a working breakfast and by taking memorial group photos.

In this regular and meaningful session which was presented with an interesting content, the manager of the dnaunion group delivered a speech and by creating a warm and sincere atmosphere, provided an opportunity for each staff member to introduce and elaborate on past experience and at the same time express their future job prospects.

Nasser Pashapour Nikoo said the naming of dnaunion was inspired by the mythological Phoenix and added that the organization was comprised of independent individuals with unique characteristics who will stay firm in reaching their goals. He termed the objective behind outlining their future job prospects to be in conformity with the company theme, “Dreams that do”, and described it as a criterion for the progress of the dnaunion group. He referred to the background of services and capabilities of each subsidiary company and noted that one of the most important missions of dnaunion is completion of the basket for marketing services of the customers.

Maryam Manavi, member of the Public Relations group, who was the moderator of the session from the very beginning, reviewed the goal of labor force attraction on the basis of the existing structures in terms of psychology so that the newcomers, with sufficient understanding of themselves and others, would assist each other’s synergy in the establishment and become well acquainted with parts of their duties.

And finally Parastoo Rostami in charge of organizing extra program events of dnaunion group pointed to the internal values of the organization and by reviewing activities of the organization in the past years familiarized the participants with their authorities and responsibilities. The session ended by presenting memorial photos and beautiful memorial pots.