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EMRC Receives Second Statistical Competence Certificate from SCI

All over the world the credit of activities of market research companies is confirmed by the highest statistical authority in a country.

In Iran, the highest statistical authority is Statistics Center of Iran (SCI) which monitors the activities of market research companies and evaluates the competence of statistical consultants within the framework of the related regulations. It also verifies the competence of the consultants at levels “one”, “two” and “three” in each specialized field.

According to the regulations, assessment of competence of the consultants in this statistical studies center falls under the economic consulting services. The certificates are issued for organizations in four different areas of expertise including socio-economic and household, industry and mine and infrastructure, agriculture, and services.

The work method is as such that market research companies submit the documents required by the Statistics Center for issuance, extension, or promotion of the certificate of statistical competence of their organizations. The certificate issued is valid for a period of one year.

The effective criteria in this ranking include specialized manpower, the company’s work record and experience, management structure, and logistic facilities of the organization. Each of these factors will be evaluated on the basis of the documents forwarded to the Center and based on the requested specialization and the final score of the organization in every specialization is measured.

In the evaluation of the expert manpower, in each organization certain employees are identified as scoring staff. The number of scoring employees and their related work experience has been mentioned in relevant regulations on the basis of the requested specialization. What is important in the selection and introduction of scoring employees is their education and work experience in the requested expertise, useful working experience with regard to the degree and their continued stay in the organization.

The score of the work experience of the consultants is calculated on the basis of their record including the organization’s projects which have been implemented or are under implementation. In the study of the management structure of the organization several factors can make scores such as application of standard documentation systems, management and quality assurance, having long, medium and short term strategies, strategic planning, educational and control system of the projects along with the organizational structure, regular administrative structure and job classification systems.

The score of logistics facilities is calculated on the basis of completing short or long term training courses, submission of scientific articles to seminars and publications, library facilities of the organization, and membership in creditable domestic and international professional forums. In order to examine and make sure about the authenticity of the submitted documents, a representative from the Centre will pay a visit to the organization for inspection and auditing.

This certificate is highly effective in presenting the company to the customers. Most of the customers in order to trust a market research company will rely on these types of certificates and permits.

Previously the EMRC had been given a level three certificate by the Statistics Center of Iran but this year it received a level two certificate following a series of changes introduced at the organization.