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Henkel, Mother's Day Campaign- Eshareh

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Inspirers of Nescafe at Party Thrown by Magnolia

A few months ago both Nescafe and Magnolia, with the start of a digital campaign, narrated the story of their successes which sometime begin with a Nescafe.

Magnolia, a member of the large dnaunion group, held the Inspiring Campaign, which videos most of us have seen in Aparat or Instagram pages of Iran Nesface, for the Nescafe My Cup product through which it tried to motivate the ordinary people to share their successes with each other and show that everyone can be inspiring and “everything starts with a Nescafe” and “you can also be a hero”.

Simultaneously with this campaign, Magnolia launched an Iran Nescafe page in Instagram and through broadcasting videos titled “narrate your success stories” added a new hype into this campaign.

The campaign was launched in early Dey (late December) and the winners came to the gracious Magnolia party and received their awards on 20th of Esfand (March 10).

The winners of this campaign were the same inspiring people who each had a beautiful and special story in their hearts and on the day the party was held they sounded more excited about meeting each other and talking about their lives than receiving the award.

Ladan Borhani, the Campaign Project Manager, speaking about the criteria for selecting these people from among about 200 inspiring stories which had been forwarded, said: “The jury for this campaign was a combination of directors of Magnolia and Nestle and our evaluation criteria was the extent of inspiration of the story and the method of its presentation and its expression and the amount of its effectiveness on the members of the jury.”

Borhani gave a positive account of people’s participation in this campaign and referring to 550 followers up to the end of the campaign, she said: “It should be admitted that the topic of the campaign was somehow complicated for the people who had not fully understood the concept of the inspiring story and therefore would send stories which were in fact a selection of inspiring sentences of the renowned people. Whereas, we had asked the people to look at their own life and tell their own inspiring story so that it will be inspiring for others. However, we are happy that the number of followers during the campaign showed a growing trend and the rate of people’s participation and involvement with the content presented was very outstanding.”

At the time of presentation of the awards, Hamid Reza Pakravan, Communication Director of Nestle, addressed the winners of the competition and said: “You have not been selected randomly; we reviewed your stories time and again in one full day and elected you by voting. We intend to show that when people like an activity, how eager they are to spend energy on it and how much expression of their success for others can give them energy and encourage them. By taking one single step one can start approaching the best.”

The award of the first winner was a Peugeot 206 sedan which was won by Hassan Mirza Hosseini, a champion and member of the disabled national climbing team. Hassan is among those people who will never submit and despite all the limitations and hardships is making efforts to prepare the ground for the progress of the disabled ski course and development of other new sports for the disabled.

While receiving his award, Hosseini talked about the day when a book had changed the course of his life; the book “Diary of a Magus” which had greatly influenced his life.

Ali Marvi was another winner who divided his award with his friend Benjamin. He told us that his friend is the same person who first gave him a wooden elephant which had inspired him into becoming a veteran chef. Ali said: “Everything in life is for us to laugh and be prosperous and when we are upset, we should not forget there are some people who love us.”

Erfan Samanfar at the time of receiving his award talked about the day he had accidentally taken a shot of the nature which won the first prize in a nationwide competition. Since then he has been thinking about pursuing photography in the field of wild life, he said.

Fatemeh Mohammadi, Saeeideh Musavi, Farnaz Esmailzadeh and Ehsan Musavi were other winners of the campaign who received their awards at the Magnolia party and were all smiles when posing for a group photo.