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TGi Analyst Training Course

The Target Group Index (TGI) project is one of the exclusive products of EMRC which is being implemented in Iran under the license of Kantar Media (as the exclusive executive of the project).

The twelve-year TGI project that examines consumer behavior and attitude, is currently being implemented in 17 cities of Iran and on 15 product groups; TGI is a multidimensional project which examines the consumption pattern of the products and services along with demographic features, media usage practices, the lifestyle and consumer attitude.

In summer this year the second TGI analyst training course was held with the cooperation of the AAV School and EMRC Company.

Sepideh Sobhi, one of the course lecturers sheds some light on this course:

“The longitudinal TGI project is implemented periodically and continuously. This project collects the data of a total of ten thousand sample households each year. The high number of samples besides the expansion of information coverage of the project puts a lot of data at the disposal of the users; for presenting different reports in the field of market knowledge, recognition of the consumer or advertising planning out of the collected data, the users are in need of information analysis and result extraction. Specialized knowledge, correct vision and appropriate tools are the prerequisites for the analysis of any type of data. On the other hand, due to the high volume of the information of this project and the exclusiveness of the tools for its analysis, training and familiarity with the shaping of the answers to the questions are among the essentials of the sound analysis of its results and the philosophy of analyst training comes from this point.

“The tools used in the analysis of the data is the exclusive ‘Choices’ software. This software is capable of analyzing large amount of data with high speed and presentation of the results in the formats that are used in the preparation of specialized reports. The GTI analyst training course was previously held separately for each of the customers, but with an aim of integrating the training system for the analysts and also in order to share the experiences and the questions the users are faced with from different outlooks, it was decided to hold the courses in concentrated form with the cooperation of AAV School. This is the second course that is being held with the cooperation of AAV School and for the customers who have got annual subscription of the TGI data. Meantime, in this course students who have been notified of the course through other channels were also present.

“The eight-session course was held at two levels (basic and advanced) and the standard reports of information analysis of the project were instructed by the course lecturers. Topics covered in this course on the one hand focused on the concepts of marketing research and basic questions in preparation of the reports and on the other hand, on statistical topics and familiarity with the software and analysis of the results.

Students of this course were familiarized with the following topics:

• Ways to analyze the behavior of product and services consumption

• Determining the target group(s) through examining demographic features

• Analyzing lifestyle of target group(s)

• Techniques for recognizing the mental status of brands in comparison with each other

• Ways to identify the factors of influence on the decision-making of consumers

• Techniques for market division on the basis of attitudinal differences

• Selection of the best existing channels for communicating with the target group

• Effective indicators in measurement of the effectiveness of the media in an advertising program and its optimization

The method in each session was as such that first theoretical topics would be discussed about how the questions should be raised and later the process of the work with the software for the extraction of the results was taught. After teaching each topic the students had a period of time to exercise with the software related items. Beside the individual exercises a final project was considered with the aim of market and consumer analysis which was implemented in the form of a team.

At the end of the course and with respect to their performance during the course, the extent of engagement with the final project, and class participation the students would receive a certificate (one of the three levels) for the completion of the course.”