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Twelve Hours of Cleanness in the Clean Month!

Occasions provide the best opportunity for developing emotional communication with the audience. The brands on every occasion ensure the audience that they are with them on specific days and their target is not merely sales and demanding a share in the market. On the occasion of the fasting month of Ramadan the Merident brand these days has screened a campaign in outdoor media and TV the ideation of which has been has been done by Eshareh Advertising Agency. This occasional campaign by emphasizing on one of the advantages of Merident toothpaste has tried to correctly convey a message to the consumer, namely emphasis on the 12-hour protection of Merident toothpaste of the mouth and the teeth.

Dr. Kaveh Namvar, the Merident Brand Manager, commenting on the Merident promotion in the month of Ramadan says: “Since the beginning of the last year we have been planning a campaign for Merident. This campaign had fluctuations during the year, for example sometimes it was highly promoted and sometimes slightly. The campaign achieved good results both in terms of communication target with the audience and in terms of marketing targets. Therefore, in line with the same campaign, Merident decided to run another campaign in the month of Ramadan to remember the trend of the previous advertisement.

“Such a campaign could outstandingly help the pressure that the Merident brand had exerted on the market and had gained a remarkable share. To this end, given that the product of the Merident brand has highly attracted the attention of the consumers due to its high quality and very reasonable price, the month of Ramadan will help the consumers purchase the product and communication with it better.”

On the concept of the campaign, Namvar said: “The main purpose was that to emphasize on the advantage of the product that the consumers favor more. One of the advantages of Merident toothpaste is to keep the mouth and the teeth clean for 12 hours; an advantage that direct reference to it made the campaign more targeted on the auspicious month of Ramadan. To show the advantage we referred to the outdoor media and thus in addition to showing the main element and character of the Merident brand, we used a clock on the billboard which constantly shows the time. Such an idea well reminds the consumers of the advantage of the product and 12 hours of cleanness of the mouth and the teeth.

“Meanwhile, the billboard was designed with a dark background over which the element of moon was switched on from the call for evening prayer which also evoked the time and remained fixed for 12 hours. This way the advantage of the product and 12 hours of cleanness of the mouth and the teeth has been well reminded to the audience. Given that in this campaign it was tried to spend the advertising budget in a targeted manner, with regard to the change in the media habit of the audience in the month of Ramadan, in addition to the outdoor billboard we also used the TV. Watching TV in the month of Ramadan dramatically increases as compared to other months. Therefore, our message would reach the main audience with more correct orientation.

“The main concept of the outdoor and TV promotions has been designed in line with each other. Therefore, in the same way that in the outdoor advertisement the elements of clock and moon were used, in the TV advertisement by using the main character of the Merident brand, these elements are evoked for the audience. In the TV promotion for the character of Merident brand by illustration of a clock which is turned into the moon, the theme “12-hour protection of the teeth, Ramadan the month of cleanness” is reminded to the audience.

“Also in the packshot of the TV advertisement the theme of the previous campaign, i.e. “armed to the teeth” has also been used in order to remind the previous campaign to the audience. The Merident character is companionship which will remain beside the brand for a certain period of time and in future campaigns will come to help. The final point is that the Merident brand is planning another 360-degree campaign for broadcast in the second half of the current calendar year.”