Sunich Launches Ad campaign With Focus on Corporate Social Responsibility


Iran’s soft drinks market sees a surge in demand, emrc reports.

Zar Macaron launches an influencer marketing campaign with the collaboration of AdOne marketing agency

As one of the biggest pasta producers in Iran, Zar Macaron launched an advertising campaign with a focus on its pasta products. The Iranian food company, Zar Macaron ran an online contest dubbed “the aspiring chef”. Zar Macaron released several videos showing small children cooking pasta with Zar Macaron products in a joyful fashion. Then asked people to record videos of their children preparing a pasta dish, and share the video on the social media app Instagram, along with the hashtag “aspiring chef”. The audience was asked to select three of the videos shared, as chosen “aspiring chefs” of the contest. The contest took place during Persian new year’s two-week holidays.

“AdOne marketing agency’s role was to ensure the campaign reaches a wide audience and generates the desired results. The target audience of the campaign was Iranian families who were social distancing at home during the holidays. AdOne reached out to influencers who have children of their own and asked them whether they were willing to partake in this contest. The influencers who shared the videos invited their audience to participate. AdOne managed and designed scenarios in which the influencer’s participation came across as authentic and genuine. The campaign’s advertisement was subtle in order to appeal to a wider audience,” Simin Valikhani, from AdOne marketing agency, said.

The first phase of the campaign was to invite the audience to partake in the contest, and the second phase was to review and judge the videos shared by the participants on Instagram. The KPI growth in the campaign was significant, and the brand’s Instagram account saw a considerable increase in followers. The advertising campaign was considered a success by Zar Macaron and AdOne marketing agency.

from: adone