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A Pleasant Ending for ‘Take Care of My Flower as Your Own’ Campaign

When you are planning a journey the first thing you are concerned about is your dear flowerpots that are in need of good care and timely water and light. Now, if instead of yourself your flowerpots want to go on a journey what would be your feeling? Surely you would have the same feeling of concern and worry lest the flowerpot would fall into the hands of someone who would not take good care of it!

The traveling flowerpots of the dnaunion group members were returned to their original owners after two months of staying away from home. The traveling flowerpots are the first characters of the story of the campaign ’take care of my flower as your own’ that the happyunion group had planned for its colleagues during the Nowruz (New Year) holiday.

The campaign concluded in the closing days of the month of Ordibehesht (May) when the spring flowers boast of their charming showoff. In this campaign the participants had taken flowerpots in the name of their friends or colleagues to their homes and had taken care of them.

Now the two months are over and those who have taken absolute care of the flowerpots enter their work place with smiles on their face and delivered the traveling flowerpots to their owners.

But there were also those who had failed in this challenge and had reached the finish line in the absence of flowerpots. Bragging of the two sides on the final day of the campaign was noticeable.

Of course, debates were not confined to these two groups as in the meantime some people had become so attached to their flowerpots that were not ready to give them back to their owners.

However, the ‘take care of my flower as your own’ campaign created a good feeling for all the members of the dnaunion and many stories were told and penned about it. But this was not the end of the campaign.

The happyunion group awarded a memorable trip for the person who took the best care of the flowerpot. Perhaps the winner this time would take the flowerpot on his/her trip so that both together they can enjoy their newly developed friendship.