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ourunion: A Program for Solidarity and Further Acquaintance

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Sharing a Common Language in Problem Solving Methods

In the ever developing world of today the process on how to deal with different problems is among the most important challenges facing managers. The correct way of defining a problem as well as employing applied methods in line with international standards is highly important.

The dnaunion group holds formal meetings every two weeks for its directors under the title of NBD. In these meetings efforts are made to look at the problems in an overall framework and for each macro topic form an appropriate team work on an annual basis and review the existing solutions.

After the completion of the relevant working groups such as marketing, new businesses, corporate culture, human resources, and upgrading solutions and systems and methods, we developed the belief that in order to solve problems we should reach a common language and make efforts to face the problems of workgroups through standard methods.

Hence a course under the tile of problem solving methods was held in the month of Ordibehesht 1395 for the members of the NBD group with the cooperation of a reputable and international school from Germany. In this course, which was held with an emphasis on the Fishbone method, the participants after becoming acquainted with the method in the form of workshop tried to solve a number of problems facing the group through this method and try to solve it as far as possible.

In the dnaunion group deployment of standard methods is of high importance and development of a common and applied language in different cases plays an outstanding role in the advancement of issues.