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Start a Lovely Autumn Morning with the Delicious Taste of Rouzaneh

Imagine, early in the morning on a beautiful autumn day, you are hurriedly getting ready to go to work or to the university when suddenly your house bell rings. “Who might be calling?” is certainly the first question that would come to your mind; Then your proceed towards the door with curiosity and open it; as you open the door suddenly you see someone with a tray of breakfast containing Rouzaneh brand cheese, tea and fresh bread, vegetables and a branch of flower. This will surely make your day.

Rouzaneh brand these days has an extensive presence in the advertising market and takes advantage of different advertising media for this purpose. Rouzaneh in a campaign that started in the month of Aban 1395 (October/November 2016), in addition to billboard and TV ads, has had also promotional activities in the digital media.

In the digital part of the campaign that has been implemented by the Magnolia Advertising Agency, the brand has sent Rouzaneh cheese to 20 of the influencers of the cyberspace which has a significant number of followers. Of course together with the cheese, bread and hot tea and other breakfast items have been put together in a breakfast tray.

The aim of the brand was to convey the content of its message to the influencers, namely the moment of happiness is regardless of the daily concerns. In this respect, the influencers were asked to take photos of the breakfast tray upon their own taste after receiving it and together with a text indicating their sentiments of experiencing the brand send it to the audience on their Instagram page.

This idea received a good welcome by the followers of the Instagram page of the influences who received interesting comments with regard to the photos and texts. In this regard the executive group of the campaign was faced with different questions and many of them would ask whether a competition has been designed and whether the breakfast tray would be sent to the winners? Or some would ask the question how they could order the breakfast tray and how they can receive it?

Also, simultaneous with the time when the second billboard of the Rouzaneh brand was screened the followers of the brand in the official Instagram page of Rouzaneh were requested to write down their memories in relation to Rouzaneh cheese in the form of a short story. These stories could be the memory of every moment the audience had felt a good sense of Rouzaneh brand product. Numerous stories were sent and a draw was taken among them and breakfast trays were sent to 20 of them.

These promotional activities were conducted in Tehran and its suburbs due to different constraints. In addition, in order to appreciate other participants who had not won the draw, a brand mug was sent to them as a memento. Promotional measures for Rouzaneh brand has received a significant welcome in the cyberspace; for example, a video prepared about the sent breakfast trays and shared on the Instagram page so far has had 5659 visits, 900 likes, and 219 comments.

At present the Instagram page of the brand has a daily 17 thousand followers and on this page 85 posts have been placed. Also, in line with the campaign, three videos of the billboards of Rouzaneh brand throughout the city have been prepared and shared. From the very beginning of the campaign, with an aim of publishing most of the produced content, a Telegram channel became operational for theRouzaneh brand and for further attraction simultaneous with the campaign 23 stickers with the use of brand character were designed and put on the cyberspace. The welcome accorded to these stickers has encouraged the group to design and offer new packages of the Telegram stickers on different occasions. The audience of Rouzaneh brand should also await new and attractive events, events that will surely take them by surprise.

Project Design and Production Agents

Advertising Agency: Magnolia

Account Manager: Ladan Borhani

Account Executive: Leann Keshishian

Creative Manager: Behzad Rahimi

Copywriter: Elmira Karam Niyaye Fard